Sunday, February 20, 2011

One post

Writing just one post gives so much good feeling. Feels like life is in right track. Will try to maintain this.

Make it easy

Whereever you go try to make things easy for you and most importantly for the people around you.
People will love you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Error while posting

I wrote a post on my mobile using blogaway, the app I use to post from my android phone. Blogger refused to accept that post saying "bad request".

I am writing this post to check whether that problem is solved or not.

The Adsense Blog

I have always been a great fan of making money with adsense and wrote some
quick tutorials on some forums about it too which were appreciated by the
I was just looking through the adsense help center and this came into mind
to check the adsense blog. While checking it i thought who owns the domain ( too much load already to  manage another domain: domain deleted now).  I quickly get onto godaddy and was surprised to know
that this domain was free. I registered it. Now i am planning to write some
tutorials and also starting unofficial adsense forum under this domain.
Do check out if you are interested in adsense too

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blogger for Android

Got this email from blogger team about this new app they have created to post to blogs. I downloaded it. Its very basic app but its a step in right direction.
I like google's principle that "build early and improve over time".
Hope this app is going to get better vert fast.
This is my first post from blogger for android.