Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Blog Address

I have been thinking of doing this for a long time about importing this blog into either Rajeev Verma .com or into a subdirectory of it.
This idea just came in that I can keep hosting this blog on blogger and just use a sub-domain of Rajeev pointing to this blog.
So here it is. New address of this blog is

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lesson learned about facebook pages

In my previous post I wrote about the flamers on my Facebook page. These flamers consistently commented on some posts. When I was looking at the insight data about my page I found that the post that was getting the flamers comment got high impressions in comparison to other posts.
I learned from this that Facebook consider posts that are getting comments as better to be shown in the homepage. I am now asking for more comments and the page is growing faster.

Tackling with Flamers

I have been do this internet marketing for some years now and I have to face some haters ans flamers.
When I built my first website that was an revenue sharing blogging system I had an user that claimed that I am doing fraud with the users. I tackled him really well and later that user appreciated my patience.
For last few days I am again facing some haters that are consistently commenting on my facebook page about removing some posts published there. I again tackled them well and they are silent for now.

Trying out various things

I am again trying out various things but this time I am considering doing things that will help me in long time.
I previously told you about the Facebook page I built.  That page was a regional page and will not help me much commercially. I am making some new pages and testing them. May be I will be able to make some pages that are popular is north american countries, UK and Australia.
I am also considering some twitter profiles that can spread as wildfire.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

People What are you doing here?

I was looking at the stats for this blog and it was looking like thisstat

I am surprised.

People what are you reading here. I don’t think I have written much of your interest here.

My Sandbox? Huh!!

Recently I inserted “My Sandbox” as this blog’s description. You can see it in the blog’s header just below the name of the blog.

One of my friend asked what is this.

Sandbox is a sand filled space where kids play and sand make it sure that no one get hurt.

I use this blog as my Sand box. I have no expectations from it expect it keep my thoughts and other shit. Even if no one likes it or reads it I don’t care or may be some day someone starts flaming here then I can say “keep your ass clean”.  I am never going to get hurt here.

Rajnikanth Jokes. Awesome!

I mentioned in a previous post about the facebook fan page I built called “Rajnikanth Jokes”.

The news it the page crossed 2000 fans in few days and is now growing even more faster.

Managing time

When you are doing more than one thing at a time there are far more chances of getting nothing done.

I took a resolution a day before yesterday of writing 3 blog posts a day on this blog and next day there was no post.

No excuses, I am going to post all the blog posts and will be on time for next posts.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I read on some blog that how he finds time to write 3 blog posts every day. I myself is taking this resolution today that I will write 3 blog posts daily here even if I can only write 2 lines in it.

Lesson Learnt

  • Try to do things that matters and not the ones that are already working fine.
  • If you want to make something commercially successful then make it different and better than everything else comparable in the market.
  • Make things that works then make them better and work on them until they become awesome.
  • Build your image along side with the product you are developing.
  • Don’t try to make money with everything you do.
  • Make people enjoy and they will give your valuable stuff in return including money.
  • Use every bit of talent you have in you in impressing others.
  • Don’t talk when you have finished what you have to say.

Changed Blog Design. Again!!!

I altered the blog design again.

Actually I am fed up of this likeness of mine of tweaking the things again and again that are working fine.

I should try to concentrate on the things that are needed to be done first.

Just do it

In last one year I have learned this thing multiple time from multiple people that one should do things without thinking that whether he can do it well or not.

This is to be absolutely followed when the thing you are doing can be corrected later.

Example: writing blog posts :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why I Write Here

Because no one reads here, it perform like an experiment and also I can show my heart out. Gives me freedom to write wrong without caring for others and ruining it all.

Short Posts

I am thinking why not to short posts when I am on mobile. Later I can elaborate. These short posts are like tweets.

Planning for Future

Most of the time I do thinking. Bad habit! I know, but it need to be done.

Today I thought where I would like to see myself in the future. If I want to opt online money making as my fulltime job then seriously thinking about it is most important thing to do.

I think making money through one successful site or two or by promoting other’s product is good but it will not get what a man should have.

I really need to promote myself as some authority or better as some sort of celebrity.

Yes I can do this as I have realised people really admire me when they come to know what I am capable of doing.

Second thing to support this thought is that I have seen most of the affiliate marketer make millions of dollar per month but they later make their own blog and start promoting themselves. That is because people who are well known have this advantage of selling more. This is because people trust more whom they know more.

If I don’t start promoting myself then I will have to do it later and wasting that mush of time will not be good.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ideas for Present

I have been working to find out ideas that can make me some money and I know that this festive season is the one where most of the online marketer make the most money in whole year. I thought and realized that making a site or blog that concentrates on this festive season can make me some money too.
Like most of the online marketer I don't have a lot of money to promote my site but still I can make a few bucks doing it. So I quickly registered a domain and put together a quick blog and started posting some nice ideas for gifts for loved ones.
I am taking this site much seriously here because we all know people search for ideas for gift whole year as birthdays, anniversaries, comes all the year and also we have other occasions where we want to buy gifts and needs gift ideas. Having some high hopes from this site.
Here lets see how much I make with this site this season (if any) I will post my earnings from this site on 5th January as new year present will be sent by then.

And yes I made this blog on WordPress but I also gave a shot to blogger as blogger has a nice Amazon linker in the editor. I quickly abandoned the idea though because it may turn out to be hindrance if I want to add some cool features to it in the future. If you like to check out that blogger blog too that go to

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weed control

Usually I work on more than one project at one time and now it has started to effect my productivity and more importantly my progress and growth just like the weeds in garden.

I am trying to prioritise the tasks that need to be done. The most important and the basic one to be done first is to start writing content and promoting it.

And yes I need to do few things:

Get rid of shyness in self promotion.

Get rid of fear of failure.

Search my own voice.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cat caught the tongue

Sorry for the title. I am not going to write about anything related to cat or the saying. I just wanted to get out of the resting stage so I wrote the title.

I am a kind of person who don't like to talk or write too much. What I do like is to learn more and more about anything and everything.
I decided to write a Facebook application and I started to learn it 
later I made a Facebook community page made it a nice one to show off with some 800+ likes in one week.
One day it came into my mind to make a android application using Google app inventor. I managed to cook out a nice one but now I am not sure whether to promote it or keep going on. 
I just want to learn everything but I need to stick to one thing and learn it better than the most out there. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Facebook Community Page

As of now you must have understood that I really love facebook and how it works. I am trying to learn building facebook applications and done progress in that field.
I thought why not to learn few new things about facebook before learning to build app.
I created my first facebook community page and to my surprise as opposed to the suggestions people give that community pages don’t spread that well my page managed to attract 400+ likes in 3 days. May be that's not even close to what they actually do previously but with lowest amount of publicity that is good enough for me as an experience.
Want to see my Facebook page! here it is :
Rajnikanth jokes

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Facebook app or Android app development

I have been trying to make up my mind whether to make an android app or to make an facebook app. Facebook app building is looking far more interesting to me as compared to building an android app.

I have access to google appinventor so building an android app is far more easier to me but I am attracted toward building an facebook app.

I think I should do a little bit of both before switching to one of them.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Learn or Do

Most of the time we get advice

“Learn things before you do or you will look fool.”

I am a big fan of google and they have a philosophy

“Build early and then improve”.

I like the later but like most of the people out there I follow the first advice.

Change is needed..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Google AppInventor Invite

Yesterday I got the much awaited invitation from Google  to their appinventor.

Appinventor is an innovative technology created by google with which anyone with a little programming knowledge can build applications for android operating system with few clicks directly in internet browser.

A few days back I started to learn a little about android programming but later I came to know about this appinventor thing and I thought why to learn it all if google is going to make it easy for everyone to build applications. I applied for the invitation and kept on with other stuff and yesterday the invitation arrived.

As soon as I got the invitation I started to follow all the tutorials and I must say google has created a gem of a thing. You only have to bring together few pieces and you will be a creator of your own app.

Its a little bit difficult for me at some places as I am not at all pro in any programming language but as I don't have to write any code and just have to follow the logic I am doing great till now.

Lets see if I can make some useful app

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preparing to post

In my last post I told you about the domains are recently acquired. I am thinking of a strategy to make most out of those domains. The thing that is bugging me is I will have to go deeper into the medical subjects again to post some worthy posts. Again in medical subject! it sucks. I just don't want to go again into those things but i have to. I want to make most of what I have learnt in all those years I have spent in medical college and also do not want to waste all the knowledge I have acquired in all these years.

Now I have 2 choices, either I again search those books I have read in the medical college or I start searching and reading all the stuff I can find online. I think the later option is better as it will give me access to all the latest updates in the field.

Lets see how much I enjoy these things.Sad

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make Money in Health Niche

And finally I made this decision that as I am good in medical field I am going to make some bucks in affiliate marketing of some health products. Health products are very profitable and as a doctor I can be some authority too.

Health products have proven to be “pot of gold” for lots of affiliate and as I am professional in this field this is no brainer that I should be in this. I have learnt a lot about making money online niche and I always thought of making my place in that field but the problem is if you haven’t made that much of money that people can thought of you as some person to be followed then there is no sense in trying to jump into that niche.

I already have some nice domains to create websites to promote health products but still I purchased 2 more domain. The old domain were:

The new domains that I purchased are:

You can say the domain is not a domain perfect for promoting health product and you may be right but this is a domain that I believe has some real potential in term of search engine ranking. This domain will also let me open my mind a bit to write about different topics.

Acne is one of the most lucrative niche in health care market so I decided to buy this domain

My bad luck was that .com .org .net all were sold out on these domains and I have to satisfy with .in TLD but to me that is not at all a bad extension to have as affiliate marketing is in starting phase in India and I will get the benefit of having an India specific domain with nice keyword in it.

Now let me do some keyword research and product research so I can promote some nice offers on these domains.

Reserve Your Own Page has started a new service that allows you to create your own about page. This page is actually a splash page like page. Your page can have your picture, your bio and links to your favourite social network sites. is in prelaunch period now and you are not allowed to make your profile now but you can reserve your page now. They will send you an email when they launch the service.

Here you can check out some gorgeous pages some of the people have made on

Monday, September 13, 2010

Playing with Facebook API

In one of my previous post I told you that I am trying to build some facebook app. I was playing with some codes and got a script called facebook like script. I installed it but  it was not working. I tweaked and made it working but still it is having some glitches. Try it and Youngistaan like.

Continuing playing with the facebook I added comment box to my forums. I am not sure what it will bring to the forum but still I thought its worth playing. May be comments by members and now non-members too may lead them to post the replies to their wall and that may in turn get me more visitors. Here I have written more on facebook comment integration to forum.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frank Kern Free Videos

I got this email from Frank Kern about his free videos.
If you don't know who Frank Kern even then watch these videos and you will know.
I checked out the videos and they are really cool. I watched the video, watched the video again, made some notes and now waiting to see some more.
Here is the link to videos:
Click here
You will have to put your email address there. You will be added to his mailing list and I say you must be in that list.
Enjoy the videos.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Traffic

I just read an interesting post at He says if more you post, more traffic you will get. I felt it many times but never followed it. I started posting here in this blog far more frequently than posting on my original blog and now I am getting far more traffic here than what I get on there.

I think I need to post a bit more there too. Star

Ok I just wrote a post there about How to make you PC boot faster have  a look.

Monday, September 6, 2010



Why is MSN showing me ads for sprint mobile and broadband service. I live in India and there is no sprint service here. The ad I saw was of Sprint 4G service. Funny thing is we don’t even have 3G service available yet from a private carrier.  Rolling on the floor

Going back to Windows Live Writer

Blogger launched the Amazon affiliate integration  a while ago and to use it I switched form windows live writer to blogger editor. I love the new blog editor and also find Amazon product search very useful but once in a while the editor fail to load and if its that time when I am itching to write a post it becomes very irritatingWaiting. I am now again switching back to windows live writer. I have heard about a plugin that can integrate Amazon search with live writer. If I can find it I am going to use it now.

Update: I found the plugin. you can get it here . Its quite slow as compared to the integrated blogger one. Now I will use blogger editor if I need to find a cool book, otherwise I will use windows live writer.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Learning to Manage Linux Server

Sorry for not updating the blog for few days.
While wandering through the web I came across 2 new things that I want to learn:
1. Building Facebook Apps
2. Managing Linux web server

I recently started to take Facebook seriously because as an internet marketer I need to be at all the places where people are. I made more than 700 friends in about 30 days without spamming. Most of the people are from my own field. If you too wanna join me click here.
Now as I look at Facebook from monetization perspective I see if I can build a decent Facebook app than I can make some bucks. I started reading Facebook developer guides and also borrowed few books:
1. Facebook Application Development
2. Essential Facebook Development
3. Building FAcebook Applications for dummies

I haven't read any of those yet so can't say much about them.
Few ideas are there in my mind but I will be doing some brain storming and mind mapping before actually putting up an application.

Second thing that I started is Learning to manage Linux server. You might have read in my other post that I own a VPS at Servint. Although my VPS is fully managed and I really like the kind of service Servint provides but I still like to do things on my own. Yes there is risk on ruining things but thats what makes it more enjoyable. I am using Cent OS on my VPS so I knew a little bit about doing things on this OS, but I have Ubuntu installed on my laptop so I thought of learning Ubuntu to make learning a bit quicker.
Here is what I learnt until now:
  • Installing Linux (off course)
  • Installing Apache server
  • Installing PHP
  • Installing MySQL
  • Installing SQLite
  • Installing Bind
  • Installing Mailserver
  • Installing memcache
  • Installing Litespeed server
  • Installing NginX server
  • Configuring all that I have installed
  • and ruining most of the things ;-)
Lets see where I reach from here..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Information Products or Network Marketing

I have been reading through all the ebooks and articles I have collected over time about making money online. After reading a lots and lots of things I liked two things out of many to start with:
1. Information products
2. Network marketing

I will describe them below but let me finish with all what is in mind at the moment. If you want to read details first then skip over and come back here after finishing it.

Being a Medical student I have acquired a great appetite for reading and writing Information products can be better for me rather than MLM thing. I am not a very friendly guy so networking will not work for me much.
Information products will require me to read and read and read then compile and compile and compile it all together. That may sound frightening to others but its not. Actually what comes in return of it will make up for all the work done.
Network marketing requires to bend too much. Asking someone again and again where they are not at all interested is not much fun. And where you are not enjoying the return will not make up for the lost time.

Ok let me explain both now
1. Information products: As the name suggests these are products that contain information in them. Most of the information is free online but information that is compiled and presented in nice and easily understandable way is difficult to find. If you can compile that information, make it feel good to eyes and easily digestible by brain than this information is going to be in demand and whats in demand can be sold.

2. Network marketing: Network marketing is a bit complicated but most of you must be familiar with the name Amway. This is the best example of network marketing. You join a chain then you recruits someone to chain, you get paid, the person you recruited recruits someone else again you get paid. Got it!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Favourite Android Games

In my previous post I told you about my Android Powered Samsung Galaxy Phone. Best part about having a Android phone is that you can have those really awesome and free games with only few clicks of buttons (oops... sorry. Few taps on screen).
Here are few of my favorite Android games.

1. Drop:  This is my favorite game at the moment.

2. Word up: If you like to find hidden word type puzzle this game is for you

3. Jwellust:

4. Papijump: 

5. Poke a Mole:

6. Paper Toss:

7. Robo Defence Free:

8. Labyrinth:

9. Wordsearch:

10. Basketball Shot:

11. Frozen Bubble:

12. Penguin: This is really a fun game. Try it.

14. Shoot U!

15. Blow Up:

There are lots of other game that I like but don't play because those game sucks a lot of time but you may want to check them out.
1. iMobster
2. World war
3. Papaya farm
4. Farm Frenzy
4. Replica Island
5.Twilight Eclipse Trivia

Why Andoid and not nokia?

I have been using my Android powered Samsung galaxy for long time and now I can say I have fallen in love with Android.
As you know I am a doctor and obviously people around me doesn't follow technology as much as I do. I frequently face this question that "Why didn't I bought a Nokia E series phone?". Can you imagine how does it feels to describe a Nokia fan that Nokia can't compete with the android phones at the moment. Answering this question feels like I am trying to describe someone that why I bought a car when I could have purchased a scooter.
People think and feel before you ask.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally the server issue resolved

After so many emails with my VPS issue is resolved. My mailbox was filled with all kind of error messages but after a long mailing session with Servint executives all my issues were resolved. Those people worked well and let me know everything I wanted to know about the issue.
If you want to know more about the issue you can read my previous post.
If you want to know more about Servint go here

Am I closed?

I have always been open to learning new things but just a moment ago I had a thought that I have stopped learning new thing in the way I should be learning.
Now I just take a look at things and don't try to find what is beind it. This is not good at all.
How come I visited for the fist time today even when I have been hearing about it for long time. Still I just visited the page looked around and closed it without thinking about what actually its all about.
Need to change a bit now..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Too many server errors

Although this blog is hosted on I also have many blogs/forums/other sites that are hosted on my VPS at servint. From yesterday evening I am getting too many errors from the server and I had 3 downtimes since then. May be I have done something stupid or the server is being bombarded from some hackers.
Few of my blogs got hacked about an year ago and since that time my blogs are constant target. This may be another attack on my server.
Servint has been really good at helping me out of the downtimes and now they are checking what is the actual cause of my servers being behaving like this.
Lets hope there is nothing serious.

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Recommending Books

If you follow my blog you must have noticed that I have started to recommend books. Actually being in medical profession I have acquired this amazing diet for reading books and I have a huge library of books. I look for books and buy them regularly.
Previously I use to search books at local book stores but the problem was not every books that I wanted to read are available there so later I started buying books online. My favorite place to buy books online is Flipkart because they are best online book seller in India. They have huge collection of books and they deliver them withing 3 days if they have the book in stock.
If I don't find any book on flipkart then I look at amazon. The links I give on this blog are all for amazon book store as many of my readers are not from India.
Blogger has made it really easy to find books available at amazon with amazon integration with blog editor. If I know about any good book on the topic I am writing about then I quickly search it and include a link to the book.
Feel free to buy some book or gift them to your loved ones if you like my choices.
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Revamping the Blog design

When I started blogging on this blog I decided I will keep the design of this blog as simple as I can keeping it interesting. I used a simple design and kept on blogging. Recently blogger launched their layout designer and I thought why not to make my own design taking the benefit of this fine and nice looking blog designer. I tried to keep the design simple but when I started using it the layout designer offered some great background images and I chose one of them test. When I applied it I thought it looked nice so I am keeping the blog background image.
I like large fonts for the ease of reading and also small width so the readers dont have to turn their neck to cover whole of the article width.
I also added some widgets: 
1. Profile widgets: Big bloggers say that bloggers should have profile page on their blog so the interested readers can know whom they are reading. I placed it.
2. Subscription options: I don't know whether people like to read my blog regularly or not but to follow the good blogging practices I made it easy to subscribe to my blog. Now you can subscribe to this blog via email or into any feed reader with few click on buttons.
3. Blogger banner: I don't like the navbar blogger place on every blogger blog so I removed it and to give blogger credit I placed a blogger banner in the sidebar.
Rest I have tried to keep it simple.
Any thoughts? Write a comment below..
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

starting to post

In my last post i wrote about what i am not doing but in this post i am telling what i am going to do.

From now on i will take more targeted actions that can show results.

First thing that i am going to do is to start posting whether on my blog or on my forum.

Ok done..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Writing out anything

I am just confused what I want to do. I am getting into too many things. I started to try CPA marketing, also started learning SEO, reading a book on PHP and doing too many things. Still I am not doing the things that I should do.

  • I am not posting on my forums
  • I am not posting on my blogs
  • I am not writing articles for article promotion
  • I am not making pages/blogs on various sites
  • I am not doing social marketing
  • I am not doing search engine marketing
  • I am not promoting any offer seriously
  • I am not trying to increase adsense revenue
  • I am not trying to make contacts with other people
  • I am not taking any classes or tutorials to learn more about Making money online
Things need to change and I need to reorganize myself..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learnig SEO

I am reading this book called SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible by Jerry L. Ledford.
Actually I read regularly. At first I enjoyed fiction and self motivation books but later I found I was wasting time reading fiction nad I switched to reading books that improves my knowledge level and also comes handy in my day to day job.
The first book I purchased about building website was Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML. Before that I tried a lot of books and online tutorial to learn HTML and CSS but none of them got successful in keeping me interested in the learning process. This book kept me busy and interested and I read whole of the book in 3 sittings. Later I thought of learning some server side scripting and I again tried a lot of eBooks and online tutorials. They all failed again. Then I realized I can not learn a lot from eBooks.
As I am a doctor I have spent my whole life in paper books and now eBooks doesn't create same experience. Later I purchase Head First PHP & MySQL to learn PHP. This was also my first physical good I purchased online. I haven't finished that book but whenever I get time I read a few pages. This is again a good book by Head first lab. Actually I am a big fan of head first lab since I read their book about HTML and I strictly suggest if you are a newbie to learn anything you should always buy a book from head first to start with.
Lets see how much I learn from The SEO Bible.

Monday, June 14, 2010 Affiliate

Yesterday I signed up for CPAlead affiliate network and got accepted now it look like I am going to make some money as this network looks to complement my sites.

I signed up for few more networks but CPAlead seems to be better one.

If you are lazy type like me is writing the web address, here is the link to

Actaully I changed all the CPAlead words to link here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Promoting Affiliate products

I have been thinking about doing this for a while but never actually started doing it. I am about to start promoting affiliate offers on my forums. I own a forum with decent amount of traffic. Until now I was trying to monetize it with adsense ads. I optimized the ads to extreme but now its clear that adsense ads are not at all the right choice to monetize a forum.

Lets hope affiliate offers can do the trick for me or I will have to start promoting my own websites on forum so other sites can make some money.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why not on my personal blog?

Recently this thought is repeatedly coming to me that if I do just mind rambling on this blog then why don’t I do this on That is my original personal blog and that is where I should do all the mind rambling I have to do.

When I started this blog I was far more shy than what I am today. I started blogging here so people can’t relate me with these thought as I used to find them “not so smart”. But now I think there is nothing like being smart or not smart means. What really meant is whether you do things or not. Most of the bloggers and internet marketer are far behind me in doing things correctly. I have far more followers, far more subscribers to my blog than the people who think they are smart and they do “fine blogging”.

Let me observer a bit more. If I can figure out a valid reason to stay here then I will keep on blogging here or I will import all these post to and shut down this blog.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Going to Start Anatomy Coaching

I work as lecturer in anatomy department but none other than me knows how less I know about human anatomy. But somehow my students find my teaching better than the most renowned anatomy teachers of bhopal or rather say India. I learnt anatomy from Dr. C P Sharma Sir who is also mentioned in the Acknowledgement of Textbook of Anatomy by Dr. B D Chaurasia. I am working under Sharma Sir here but my students want me to teach anatomy.

Bad choice students!!

But what can I do I want to learn “how to teach” and you are giving me that opportunity.

Thanks to you for that.

Started writing on new blogs.

In my previous post I listed all my domains. I feel that I will have to let few of these domains to expire and other will find their use.

I started writing on and also built Writing on diseases of skin will need a little study so it can wait until I pour out the things I know well in other blogs. I guess these two domains can turn out to be the biggest earners for me in the coming time. Lets see how it turns out to be.

Monday, May 24, 2010

My first assignment

Lots of time I got opportunity to make a website for my friends and other persons but I always refused and rather I taught them “how to build a website” or blog.

This time it looks like I am going to make one for someone. Just registered a domain and installed a script on it. Waiting for name sever propagation to complete and then I will try to finish it as soon as possible. Lets see how it comes out to be.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010


I find it interesting how people just work on the ways about which 

  • They don’t know anything other than how to work.
  • They don't know where they are heading.
  • They don't know how long they will have to work.
  • They don't know for whom they are working for.

They just know they have to make a living for themselves and their family.

They loose more than half of their life working on these paths and later when they realize they could have used or rather say utilised this time working for themselves and moving in right direction with right pace and could have been far more happier they feel sorry.

Why to feel sorry?

No one have made you work forcefully. You decided what to do.

Why not to think before doing silly things.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I dont know why

I am not writing regularly. Actually I am a creator at heart and like to do things that results into some new creation. Blog posting is not that creative. I know writing a blog post or two can get me at another level. I am trying my best to post regularly to all my blogs.

Actually I need to set priority so I can post on all my blogs at regular interval. Let me make some mind map and do things accordingly.

See you then..

Monday, March 15, 2010

I am Back

Gone for a long period and now I am back.

Had my exam yesterday and I decided to leave medical field forever and work for what I dream of.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My default blog!

I own domain name with my actual name in it but still I post to this blog more frequently and regularly. This blog has now become my default blog to post my thoughts and feelings.

Why is that?

Don't know!

May be because we feel and work better when we don't have someone looking over our shoulder into the job we are trying to do.

Here is the link to my other blog

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is getting success that difficult?

I always liked to do new things and that is great and I enjoyed it very much but for few days I am observing that this experimental nature of mine is getting between me and my success. I try something, become a bit successful with it then I start something else, overlooking the previous task, and become a bit successful, again. Finally what I have is two incomplete and less successful jobs in my hand. 

I need to stick to something I think can be made better and built on it.

Recently I purchased some nice domains and also figured out some nice niches that can bring me nice traffic and money too.

I don't think success is that difficult for me but I just have to make and stick to a plan.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doing things when they matters

How many times it happens to you that you wanted to do things you wanted but you didn't because there was something more important to be done.

Don't you miss those candies you wanted to eat when you were a kid but you didn't because you can't buy and you thought you will have them when you grow up.

Do you want to eat that chocolate now? No!


Because now candies doesn't taste that good.

Things matters only when they are needed.

So if you are thinking about taking your girlfriend or your wife on holiday someday then that day is today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First post from android

I just purchased my new samsung galaxy phone and this is my first post from it. I am using blogaway for android to write and post this.

I am not very much comfortable with writing with this type of keyboard but getting used as I am typing.  I am really enjoing the android experience.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have started posting on which is my affiliate related blog. It is just a fast input blog from me just like this one. I am not doing much of a research to post about the affiliate marketing as it takes out the soul of writing pleasure. What I am sharing at is simply what I am learning about affiliate marketing.

Signed up to oneNetworkDirect

I just signed up to a new affiliate network called oneNetworkDirect which deals with software products. I haven't done much with the affiliate marketing yet but I am trying.
Lets see how far I can go.
Update: My application was denied.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been using admob to monetise my website’s mobile version for some time now. One month back the earning somehow became awesome with admob, it something like 9-12 $/day. I was really happy for that and tried to optimise my sites to earn some more but now for about last 7 days the earning have come down to 1-2 $/day. Don’t know what happened. May be it has something to do with me driving traffic through google mobile advertising.

Adding the add-on domain

I am adding the add-on domain to my hosting account. I will make an affiliate marketing blog( as the mane suggests) and will post in the same manner I post here i.e. without much of thinking there too. Join me there too if you want to Big Hug

Applied for affiliate program

I just signed up for affiliate program lets see if they accept me or not. I also applied to become a publisher . I dont know

I am not using tags

I just saw that I am not using blogger tags in my posts. It gets me slower to post when I brainstorm about the tags. I do not want this blog to be a big professional blog so no reason to do anything according to the rule book Tongue

New Godaddy coupon code

Updated 27 August 2010

20%* OFF your order of $80 or more at Go Daddy!
Use source code gda841b when you check out.

Updated 11 january 2010
Here is the new Godaddy coupon code:
Use it to get 10% discount on your purchase of 40$ or more.

How many subscribers?

So how many subscribers look interesting?

I have around 7,500+ subscribers to my blog and I am aggressively promoting my subscriptions. Didn't tried to monetize the subscribers to its full potential lets see when I start doing it in the future.

Google DNS

Google launched their public DNS a while ago and I have been testing it for around 1 month.

After the testing I can say that if you are interested in making your internet connection fast (who is not? Winking )you should use it.

What it needs to switch to google public DNS:

You don't have to download any software. You just have to change your default DNS setting is your internet connection manager and you are done. For more information you should visit google public DNS page at this link:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exam is gone

I am done with AIPGME Whewand now back again here. Will talk interesting tomorrow Big Grin

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More domains

Today was again a shopping day for me and I got some more domains. 1 from godaddy and 3 from ix-one.

So why am I purchasing so many domain?

Its a rule is affiliate world, make a successful site make some money then make more site like that and make more money few more and you could be making fortune.

Will give details of domains later.