Thursday, January 30, 2014

Traffic Gone!

Now this was a big break. My last post here was in October 2013 and now January 2014 is ending. I guess I need to kick my ass hard this time.
As the wise men said we should learn from all mistakes I tried to find something and managed to locate this very old known thing but very important when it comes to blogging.
“Post regularly or you are gone from Google.”
This actually did happened this time. I went through the stats and as expected the traffic was at the bottom but what’s interesting is that the post that were showing up earlier in Google search results are now nowhere to see in first few pages. Now good.
I admit that am not writing very good posts here and I am not making any money from it either but few visitors here and there are really nice. Loosing that sucks and I will try to write something more often and hope I will get back some of the guys.
Ok enough for today. Now let me try to kick my ass as I said in the first paragraph ;)