Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Screwed big time by Google Penguin update

Google recently updated their search ranking algorithm. They name this update “penguin”. This update totally screwed me.

I have this coupon website and I was growing in traffic with every post and working even harder to get things even better.  And now this update cut the traffic to less than half.

Now I have this decision to make whether to keep on posting the coupons in the same way or to read Google webmaster guidelines again and work according to it.

If I work according to Google it is going to take double work and more important thing will be it is going to be annoying for the users as I will be posting more about the offer or store or something stupid lines that users are not concerned about. They come to my site to see coupon and they see only that. So following google’s guidelines is going to give bad experience to users Winking smile

I know it is not possible for Google to get see every site with different way so I will need to update myself.

Lets see how it goes.