Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why I register so many domains

Why I register so many domains?

This is a question I get asked many time. Everyone says that register 1 domain name then work on it to get it pull large number of audience/ visitors/ reader or whatever you call it. I ask if you don't know what you are going to do if you don't get the kind of success you want then what will you do? My guess is your answer will be  “start again” and what if you wont get such nice domain at that time what you are getting today than? And what about the lost time you have wasted in your “one blog” strategy?

My suggestion is, Start multiple blogs at one time, try to find out with which one you feel comfortable and when you find the success you were looking for in one or two blog than abandon all others keeping 1 or 2 most successful ones.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Godaddy.com most confusing site I ever used

Godaddy.com may be the biggest domain registrar on the planet but their site design is so confusing and they make the process of registering domain or buying anything else from them so complicated that its not easy to do business with them. They need to make it easy but I don't think they are going to do that as their complicated process makes them sell a lot more than what they actually can with a simple design.

The second thing they need to improve is their site downloading speed. I started this post after I have filled the login box and pressed submit button but I am nearing the finish of the post and still the page is not loaded fully (Actually I had to do a refresh to make it load further as it was stuck).

Surviving the writer’s block


Like most of the new bloggers I also struggle with writer’s block. We always think of writing when we are not in position of writing a post, new ideas continuously flows in, we gets very excited about the post ideas but as soon as we sit in front of monitor and put our hands on the keyboard, somehow, all the ideas vaporise and whatever we have thought previously looks very idiotic. Looks familiar situation! no?

Only solution to this situation is to start writing a post and not to think about the idea. If it seems foolish let it be, just write it. I promise even if the idea is really an idiotic one you will definitely feel good that you have finished writing it. And second and more important thing that will happen to you writing that post is that you will definitely get another idea about something that is really a good one and you will enjoy  writing the other post. Try it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why I write here?

Few of my friends asked me why I write on this blog when I have my personal blog at www.rajeevverma.com.
Why? Actually this blog is place to give my thoughts a word and not about blogging only. I think a lot ( like most) but thoughts are lost quickly in same way as we lose rain water if we don't try to contain it. Lost thoughts are lost and do nothing good at all for me or anyone else. I contain my thoughts here as may be some day they may present me as an scaffolding to make something on them (or may be not).
This blog gives me an opportunity to show my heart out as I don't have to think about anyone here as it is only my rough blog to everyone. I find myself more comfortable writing here then at a place where everyone expects me to write some great posts. I can write here whatever I want (even I post when I don't have anything to say). I can not do all these things on the blog where people have all the expectations.
This blog provides me a space to practice blogging and writing as much as I like. There are only few posts I have written here but I am already feeling some improvement. This is going to definitely help me in blogging on my other blogs including my personal blog (actually this blog has gone more personal now).
And lastly this blog gives me lots of confidence for some mysterious reasons. I don't know why but it do
And lastly lastly even if is not helping in anyway it is still showing some adsense ads. May be I will make some dollars at least.

Blogger blogs

I made my first blog on blogger platform around 3 years ago and then I heard of huge popularity of wordpress platform then I made a blog on wordpress.com. Later I switched to self hosted wordpress blogs. My personal blog www.rajeevverma.com and other money making blogs are using wordpress as blogging platform but for this blog I chose blogger (BlogSpot) as my blogging platform because I wanted to add quick posts to this blog from wherever I can using blogger.com blog editing interface or email updates ( that's not good in wordpress) or by using livewriter or other blog editing applications ( I am using windows live writer to to write this blog post). After using blogger platform for this short duration I actually started loving it.

Wordpress has a huge advantage over blogger as it has huge number of plugins available and big number of cool looking themes with so many cool functions but if you want some easy to use and fast updating platform I will always suggest using blogger. Now blogger also have lots of templates available to make your blog look good and widget support is increasing day by day. There is no need to go for a hosting plan, setting up a wordpress blog, setting up a theme, adding plugins and doing some hacking to make it personalised and work for you properly. Rather make a blogger blog, choose one of the default template( they are also good looking and not like wordpress bland looking default template) or

upload a custom template and enjoy quick blogging.

Jump over

It is a general question that if you are doing something and are not satisfied with the return you are getting then what will you do? Will you change the whole direction of working or will you try to improve the thing you are are already into.

I would suggest first try to improve the job in hand to the extent where it feels that it good or it never going to work.

If you are still not getting the return after making improvements to extent then don’t waste time and jump on to something else as time is short and there is lot to do.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nothing for today

I have been working hard today and after thing for a long time what to write I have decided to go to sleep Bye blogs for now.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Try something else

I started by making a website on drupal and later I shifted to wordpress as I have heard a lot of good things about wordpress. Don't get me wrong I don't want to say wordpress is bad in anyway. It always lives up to expectations. Drupal is good too.

I remember

first CMS I installed on me server was joomla. When I tried to use it I didn't got a single thing working so I switched to drupal. Today I was thinking about working with something new and again I am getting attracted to joomla. Lets see if I can get something done with it.

And yes I am writing this post from windows live writer. I am using it for the first time.

So do you try something new frequently or you are happy with what you have got?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little bit of research

Most of the time when we have to do something we just do it in hurry without doing any research. We do this specially when we do something online.

In my previous post I wrote about purchasing a domain name www.orkuthome.net . I also tried to do it in hurry by going to name.com or godaddy.com and register the domain. I entered the name.com and searched for domain, clicked .net domain and proceeded to checkout. It was showing 8.99$ for that domain for 1 year. When I was just about to do the checkout I saw the promo code box. I searched on the google for promo code for name.com but didn't found anything meaningful. After trying for some other variation for searching for a promo code I searched for .net domain sale. I found this other site that is selling .net domain for 6.49$ (+18 cent icann fees). I registered the domain for 2 years for only 13.34$ . For only 4.35 $ extra I got the domain for another 1 year.

Now I am doing some research for some good web hosting so I can handle properly my ever increasing list of domain names. Any suggestions?


I just registered a new domain www.orkuthome.net . Now my list of own domains is going up. Lets see if I can make some money with domain or not.

What can I do with domain?
I started my first google adword campaign yesterday and up till now it has paid good. Using the keywords associated with orkut I have been keeping the campaign going. The campaign gave me this idea that if I had a domain specific for orkut than I could have done lot more with the campaign. Waiting had been a habit of mine that has resulted into a lot of wasted time for me. So rather then waiting for an idea to click I registered the domain and within few minutes the site will be live on the domain orkuthome.net.

Update: I don't own this domain now.
Another update: Orkut is dead too.