Friday, August 7, 2015

Health First

If you want to bring some positive changes to your life then you should always start with health.

With all the online activities, learning and reading new things I have acquired all the wrong habits regarding health. Mainly what I am doing wrong is I am sleeping late and sometime I even sleep after the morning sun has started shining. That making me rise late and that in turn making me skip breakfast and directly having lunch. So the gap between dinner and my next meal is about 15 t0 16 hours and that’s very bad for the health. This habit was making me feel tired all day.

I was rarely doing my regular exercises and also doing only desk job is not helping me with getting physical activity that in return making my body weaker everyday.

When I thought of changing my habits I thought of joining gym but as I suffer from chronic backache since my college days I thought I should first check whether my body is able to handle the stress of heavy exercising. I downloaded few apps on my phone with some daily exercises one can do without any gym equipment. I am doing 10-12 different kind of exercises for last 8 days regularly. It was very difficult in the beginning to do all those sit ups and crunches and I thought it will take a long time for my body to get use to it but I am getting surprised everyday that how quickly my body is adapting to all these exercises and now I am already thinking about either adding more exercises or increasing the number of sit ups and crunches.

Doing all the internet marketing things has taught me whatever I do I should track as much as I can. So I purchased this Xiaomi Mi band which tracks my daily steps taken and also my sleep pattern. Its not perfect but at least its giving me something to categorise my daily activities. What I have tracked till now is telling me if I continue with all those bad habits I have acquired my body is soon going to be screwed.

What I have in mind now is One, I have to change my diet both in terms of timing and quality. An app I have downloaded says I am already taking less calories than the required, still my weight is above average so I need to change the quality of food I am eating. I am taking too much carbohydrates and very less proteins. That need to be fixed.  Secondly, I need to gain enough muscle strength quickly so I can join the gym and start with some exercise routine.

Lets see how things folds. Will update soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Google Materialize: I’m impressed

Wandering on the internet I came across this front end web framework called Google materialize and I find it impressive.

You can have a look at it here.

I have been experimenting with twitter bootstrap for some time and currently I am in process of porting my website CouponIndia to bootstrap as my website is not currently mobile friendly.

I liked Google materialise as it looks like the new material design that google has introduced in newer android versions. I always believe that if your target audience is not too tech savvy you should stick to the designs your users are familiar with. As Indians use android phones more than any other platform chances are they will find websites built with Google materialize familiar to use.

I am here not saying that bootstrap is not user friendly and I myself find it very well polished and awesome product with lots of features. I only think Google materialize can be used as its alternative.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Most of my blogs and websites have gone dead.

Need to rejuvenate few.

This time need to be selective.

Too many blogs and websites are making things difficult.

I am letting few domains expire even though they have great potential but time is not on my side.

Lets see how things fold now.

Definitely need a new plan.

Too much learning, too little implementation.

Too much hunger for knowledge is holding me down.

I need to break free.

Why couldn’t I write here more often.

Why can’t I write a tiny post daily even if its a single line.

Let me start with that.