Thursday, March 22, 2012

Late Night Ideas Rocks

Sometime I get these interesting ideas when I am unable to sleep at night. Most of those ideas I forget until morning but there are few which don’t let me sleep, I have to leave my bed at those wee hours to do something with those ideas.

I started one such sites way back and that site grew like something I never expected that too solely on pure on site SEO. It became base of my online growth.

Something similar happened again but this time this site is earning me much more in much lesser time.

About 4 months ago I got this idea of starting a website and started working on it the very minute. For this site for the first time I purchased a premium wordpress theme as I believed on the idea. I thought I will at least make this website able to cover cost of the theme. This site has now earned more than that from each of the 3 affiliate network I am using on this website in this month alone.

Its showing a great growth potential if I keep working on it. The site gets high quality visitors who are ready to spend money. The site crossed 200 visitors per day mark today and its rising in google like crazy.

I hope it keeps on growing and I will be able to learn some important lessons from this site too.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Learning from movies

I don’t watch movies too often but I have noticed that whenever I watch one I get so much motivated by it that I work good for at least some hours if not days.

Good thing about me learning from movies is that I absorb god things from it like working harder, loving better, helping others and something like that.

I enjoy movies which motivates more than how much they make me enjoy.

Ping me by comment below about what you feel like after watching a movie.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flight Discount Coupons

I started this coupon site for Indian online stores a while back.

Few days ago I was going through the statistics of the site, I noticed that most of the earnings have come through online air/flight booking sites. Although I have thought that mobile phones and electronics should have earned me more.

Lets analyse it now. What are the reasons.

1. Flight booking sites gives more commissions as compared to electronics  and gadget sites as they make more from every customer. Look at my favourite site flipkart, they pay 1% commission on mobile phones, 0.5% on computer accessories.

2. Flights are booked by people who have real need and not just hobbyist. These people don’t think about spending money rather they need the facility. If they can save some money that is good but not primary idea.

3. People who book flight/air tickets are earning people or rather say spending people so they can bring you more commissions.

There may be more reasons but I am convinced by these.

Finally, I decided to start a dedicated flight discount  coupon site. I looked for domain that can bring some traffic from Google. I always like to have all my primary keywords in the domain name and I searched for and to my surprise that was available. Now this domain belongs to me and a site is in building process at this domain. Have a look Smile

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheap Nokia Lumia 800

Ever since android released I have been a fan of it and purchased Samsung galaxy android phone at the time when none on my friends have even heard of the name of it.
Before android I had Nokia n72 Symbian phone. Knowing my techy nature my friends always asked which phone will I buy next and I used to say, "a windows phone" (those primitive ones). Later android became my first choice as it was a better choice, obviously.
When Microsoft launched windows 7 mobile OS it failed to lure me. But since Nokia launched windows phone I have been eyeing Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone because I have been a fan of Nokia's hardware capabilities. It used to cost close to Rs. 30K and I believe that phone is not worth it. I kept an eye on the phone's price on flipkart and today when I looked at the price it has came down to Rs. 23,590. I think the price is better now if anyone think of buying this phone.
I have recently purchase HTC Flyer tablet so will wait for sometime before buying another gadget.
But if you are thinking of buying this phone then this is the time. Flipkart link is here:
Nokia Lumia 800

Update: It looks like price is fluctuating. Flipkart has updated price to Rs 24,000 today.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Which book Barack Obama wrote

Someone asked me this question and I knew about only one book written by him "The Audacity of Hope". So I quickly opened my favorite online book store and searched for the books written by him and here I got this long list of books.
He has written many books as co-author and few solely. But no matter if he is co author these books are worth reading you are searching for success in life.
Have a look at these books: