Thursday, September 23, 2010

Google AppInventor Invite

Yesterday I got the much awaited invitation from Google  to their appinventor.

Appinventor is an innovative technology created by google with which anyone with a little programming knowledge can build applications for android operating system with few clicks directly in internet browser.

A few days back I started to learn a little about android programming but later I came to know about this appinventor thing and I thought why to learn it all if google is going to make it easy for everyone to build applications. I applied for the invitation and kept on with other stuff and yesterday the invitation arrived.

As soon as I got the invitation I started to follow all the tutorials and I must say google has created a gem of a thing. You only have to bring together few pieces and you will be a creator of your own app.

Its a little bit difficult for me at some places as I am not at all pro in any programming language but as I don't have to write any code and just have to follow the logic I am doing great till now.

Lets see if I can make some useful app

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preparing to post

In my last post I told you about the domains are recently acquired. I am thinking of a strategy to make most out of those domains. The thing that is bugging me is I will have to go deeper into the medical subjects again to post some worthy posts. Again in medical subject! it sucks. I just don't want to go again into those things but i have to. I want to make most of what I have learnt in all those years I have spent in medical college and also do not want to waste all the knowledge I have acquired in all these years.

Now I have 2 choices, either I again search those books I have read in the medical college or I start searching and reading all the stuff I can find online. I think the later option is better as it will give me access to all the latest updates in the field.

Lets see how much I enjoy these things.Sad

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make Money in Health Niche

And finally I made this decision that as I am good in medical field I am going to make some bucks in affiliate marketing of some health products. Health products are very profitable and as a doctor I can be some authority too.

Health products have proven to be “pot of gold” for lots of affiliate and as I am professional in this field this is no brainer that I should be in this. I have learnt a lot about making money online niche and I always thought of making my place in that field but the problem is if you haven’t made that much of money that people can thought of you as some person to be followed then there is no sense in trying to jump into that niche.

I already have some nice domains to create websites to promote health products but still I purchased 2 more domain. The old domain were:

The new domains that I purchased are:

You can say the domain is not a domain perfect for promoting health product and you may be right but this is a domain that I believe has some real potential in term of search engine ranking. This domain will also let me open my mind a bit to write about different topics.

Acne is one of the most lucrative niche in health care market so I decided to buy this domain

My bad luck was that .com .org .net all were sold out on these domains and I have to satisfy with .in TLD but to me that is not at all a bad extension to have as affiliate marketing is in starting phase in India and I will get the benefit of having an India specific domain with nice keyword in it.

Now let me do some keyword research and product research so I can promote some nice offers on these domains.

Reserve Your Own Page has started a new service that allows you to create your own about page. This page is actually a splash page like page. Your page can have your picture, your bio and links to your favourite social network sites. is in prelaunch period now and you are not allowed to make your profile now but you can reserve your page now. They will send you an email when they launch the service.

Here you can check out some gorgeous pages some of the people have made on

Monday, September 13, 2010

Playing with Facebook API

In one of my previous post I told you that I am trying to build some facebook app. I was playing with some codes and got a script called facebook like script. I installed it but  it was not working. I tweaked and made it working but still it is having some glitches. Try it and Youngistaan like.

Continuing playing with the facebook I added comment box to my forums. I am not sure what it will bring to the forum but still I thought its worth playing. May be comments by members and now non-members too may lead them to post the replies to their wall and that may in turn get me more visitors. Here I have written more on facebook comment integration to forum.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frank Kern Free Videos

I got this email from Frank Kern about his free videos.
If you don't know who Frank Kern even then watch these videos and you will know.
I checked out the videos and they are really cool. I watched the video, watched the video again, made some notes and now waiting to see some more.
Here is the link to videos:
Click here
You will have to put your email address there. You will be added to his mailing list and I say you must be in that list.
Enjoy the videos.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Traffic

I just read an interesting post at He says if more you post, more traffic you will get. I felt it many times but never followed it. I started posting here in this blog far more frequently than posting on my original blog and now I am getting far more traffic here than what I get on there.

I think I need to post a bit more there too. Star

Ok I just wrote a post there about How to make you PC boot faster have  a look.

Monday, September 6, 2010



Why is MSN showing me ads for sprint mobile and broadband service. I live in India and there is no sprint service here. The ad I saw was of Sprint 4G service. Funny thing is we don’t even have 3G service available yet from a private carrier.  Rolling on the floor

Going back to Windows Live Writer

Blogger launched the Amazon affiliate integration  a while ago and to use it I switched form windows live writer to blogger editor. I love the new blog editor and also find Amazon product search very useful but once in a while the editor fail to load and if its that time when I am itching to write a post it becomes very irritatingWaiting. I am now again switching back to windows live writer. I have heard about a plugin that can integrate Amazon search with live writer. If I can find it I am going to use it now.

Update: I found the plugin. you can get it here . Its quite slow as compared to the integrated blogger one. Now I will use blogger editor if I need to find a cool book, otherwise I will use windows live writer.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Learning to Manage Linux Server

Sorry for not updating the blog for few days.
While wandering through the web I came across 2 new things that I want to learn:
1. Building Facebook Apps
2. Managing Linux web server

I recently started to take Facebook seriously because as an internet marketer I need to be at all the places where people are. I made more than 700 friends in about 30 days without spamming. Most of the people are from my own field. If you too wanna join me click here.
Now as I look at Facebook from monetization perspective I see if I can build a decent Facebook app than I can make some bucks. I started reading Facebook developer guides and also borrowed few books:
1. Facebook Application Development
2. Essential Facebook Development
3. Building FAcebook Applications for dummies

I haven't read any of those yet so can't say much about them.
Few ideas are there in my mind but I will be doing some brain storming and mind mapping before actually putting up an application.

Second thing that I started is Learning to manage Linux server. You might have read in my other post that I own a VPS at Servint. Although my VPS is fully managed and I really like the kind of service Servint provides but I still like to do things on my own. Yes there is risk on ruining things but thats what makes it more enjoyable. I am using Cent OS on my VPS so I knew a little bit about doing things on this OS, but I have Ubuntu installed on my laptop so I thought of learning Ubuntu to make learning a bit quicker.
Here is what I learnt until now:
  • Installing Linux (off course)
  • Installing Apache server
  • Installing PHP
  • Installing MySQL
  • Installing SQLite
  • Installing Bind
  • Installing Mailserver
  • Installing memcache
  • Installing Litespeed server
  • Installing NginX server
  • Configuring all that I have installed
  • and ruining most of the things ;-)
Lets see where I reach from here..