Sunday, August 27, 2017

Two new websites

I have been planning to do this youtube video making thing for quite some time now and once made one or two videos too. You can find them here. But never managed to do it long term.
I taught in a dental college for 3 years and learnt that most of the students were struggling in my subject human anatomy and it was mostly because we were teaching them in english.
English and all those new words in anatomy were making it very difficult for students to understand things as almost all of the students were hindi speaking.
When I started teaching them in hindi they responded very well.
My classes saw more attendance than other teachers and students learnt and enjoyed far more.
After I left that job I thought about making videos of what I was teaching and make them available for new students. Never managed to do that.
Recently I registered this domain and now I am planning to make not only the videos for anatomy students but videos of whatever I know and put them on youtube and on this website too.

And now about the second website.
Recently I started observing that I like to optimize websites for fast loading and actually wasting a lot of time doing it.
As Google also ranks websites with faster loading time higher lots of other people also do that.
So I registered this domain and I am going to write whatever I have learnt about website optimization and server optimization for faster websites.

The first website will need a lot of work but the second will not.

Lets see what fate these websites hold.