Thursday, January 28, 2010

My default blog!

I own domain name with my actual name in it but still I post to this blog more frequently and regularly. This blog has now become my default blog to post my thoughts and feelings.

Why is that?

Don't know!

May be because we feel and work better when we don't have someone looking over our shoulder into the job we are trying to do.

Here is the link to my other blog

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is getting success that difficult?

I always liked to do new things and that is great and I enjoyed it very much but for few days I am observing that this experimental nature of mine is getting between me and my success. I try something, become a bit successful with it then I start something else, overlooking the previous task, and become a bit successful, again. Finally what I have is two incomplete and less successful jobs in my hand. 

I need to stick to something I think can be made better and built on it.

Recently I purchased some nice domains and also figured out some nice niches that can bring me nice traffic and money too.

I don't think success is that difficult for me but I just have to make and stick to a plan.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doing things when they matters

How many times it happens to you that you wanted to do things you wanted but you didn't because there was something more important to be done.

Don't you miss those candies you wanted to eat when you were a kid but you didn't because you can't buy and you thought you will have them when you grow up.

Do you want to eat that chocolate now? No!


Because now candies doesn't taste that good.

Things matters only when they are needed.

So if you are thinking about taking your girlfriend or your wife on holiday someday then that day is today.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First post from android

I just purchased my new samsung galaxy phone and this is my first post from it. I am using blogaway for android to write and post this.

I am not very much comfortable with writing with this type of keyboard but getting used as I am typing.  I am really enjoing the android experience.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have started posting on which is my affiliate related blog. It is just a fast input blog from me just like this one. I am not doing much of a research to post about the affiliate marketing as it takes out the soul of writing pleasure. What I am sharing at is simply what I am learning about affiliate marketing.

Signed up to oneNetworkDirect

I just signed up to a new affiliate network called oneNetworkDirect which deals with software products. I haven't done much with the affiliate marketing yet but I am trying.
Lets see how far I can go.
Update: My application was denied.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been using admob to monetise my website’s mobile version for some time now. One month back the earning somehow became awesome with admob, it something like 9-12 $/day. I was really happy for that and tried to optimise my sites to earn some more but now for about last 7 days the earning have come down to 1-2 $/day. Don’t know what happened. May be it has something to do with me driving traffic through google mobile advertising.

Adding the add-on domain

I am adding the add-on domain to my hosting account. I will make an affiliate marketing blog( as the mane suggests) and will post in the same manner I post here i.e. without much of thinking there too. Join me there too if you want to Big Hug

Applied for affiliate program

I just signed up for affiliate program lets see if they accept me or not. I also applied to become a publisher . I dont know

I am not using tags

I just saw that I am not using blogger tags in my posts. It gets me slower to post when I brainstorm about the tags. I do not want this blog to be a big professional blog so no reason to do anything according to the rule book Tongue

New Godaddy coupon code

Updated 27 August 2010

20%* OFF your order of $80 or more at Go Daddy!
Use source code gda841b when you check out.

Updated 11 january 2010
Here is the new Godaddy coupon code:
Use it to get 10% discount on your purchase of 40$ or more.

How many subscribers?

So how many subscribers look interesting?

I have around 7,500+ subscribers to my blog and I am aggressively promoting my subscriptions. Didn't tried to monetize the subscribers to its full potential lets see when I start doing it in the future.

Google DNS

Google launched their public DNS a while ago and I have been testing it for around 1 month.

After the testing I can say that if you are interested in making your internet connection fast (who is not? Winking )you should use it.

What it needs to switch to google public DNS:

You don't have to download any software. You just have to change your default DNS setting is your internet connection manager and you are done. For more information you should visit google public DNS page at this link:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Exam is gone

I am done with AIPGME Whewand now back again here. Will talk interesting tomorrow Big Grin

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More domains

Today was again a shopping day for me and I got some more domains. 1 from godaddy and 3 from ix-one.

So why am I purchasing so many domain?

Its a rule is affiliate world, make a successful site make some money then make more site like that and make more money few more and you could be making fortune.

Will give details of domains later.