Friday, August 27, 2010

Information Products or Network Marketing

I have been reading through all the ebooks and articles I have collected over time about making money online. After reading a lots and lots of things I liked two things out of many to start with:
1. Information products
2. Network marketing

I will describe them below but let me finish with all what is in mind at the moment. If you want to read details first then skip over and come back here after finishing it.

Being a Medical student I have acquired a great appetite for reading and writing Information products can be better for me rather than MLM thing. I am not a very friendly guy so networking will not work for me much.
Information products will require me to read and read and read then compile and compile and compile it all together. That may sound frightening to others but its not. Actually what comes in return of it will make up for all the work done.
Network marketing requires to bend too much. Asking someone again and again where they are not at all interested is not much fun. And where you are not enjoying the return will not make up for the lost time.

Ok let me explain both now
1. Information products: As the name suggests these are products that contain information in them. Most of the information is free online but information that is compiled and presented in nice and easily understandable way is difficult to find. If you can compile that information, make it feel good to eyes and easily digestible by brain than this information is going to be in demand and whats in demand can be sold.

2. Network marketing: Network marketing is a bit complicated but most of you must be familiar with the name Amway. This is the best example of network marketing. You join a chain then you recruits someone to chain, you get paid, the person you recruited recruits someone else again you get paid. Got it!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Favourite Android Games

In my previous post I told you about my Android Powered Samsung Galaxy Phone. Best part about having a Android phone is that you can have those really awesome and free games with only few clicks of buttons (oops... sorry. Few taps on screen).
Here are few of my favorite Android games.

1. Drop:  This is my favorite game at the moment.

2. Word up: If you like to find hidden word type puzzle this game is for you

3. Jwellust:

4. Papijump: 

5. Poke a Mole:

6. Paper Toss:

7. Robo Defence Free:

8. Labyrinth:

9. Wordsearch:

10. Basketball Shot:

11. Frozen Bubble:

12. Penguin: This is really a fun game. Try it.

14. Shoot U!

15. Blow Up:

There are lots of other game that I like but don't play because those game sucks a lot of time but you may want to check them out.
1. iMobster
2. World war
3. Papaya farm
4. Farm Frenzy
4. Replica Island
5.Twilight Eclipse Trivia

Why Andoid and not nokia?

I have been using my Android powered Samsung galaxy for long time and now I can say I have fallen in love with Android.
As you know I am a doctor and obviously people around me doesn't follow technology as much as I do. I frequently face this question that "Why didn't I bought a Nokia E series phone?". Can you imagine how does it feels to describe a Nokia fan that Nokia can't compete with the android phones at the moment. Answering this question feels like I am trying to describe someone that why I bought a car when I could have purchased a scooter.
People think and feel before you ask.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally the server issue resolved

After so many emails with my VPS issue is resolved. My mailbox was filled with all kind of error messages but after a long mailing session with Servint executives all my issues were resolved. Those people worked well and let me know everything I wanted to know about the issue.
If you want to know more about the issue you can read my previous post.
If you want to know more about Servint go here

Am I closed?

I have always been open to learning new things but just a moment ago I had a thought that I have stopped learning new thing in the way I should be learning.
Now I just take a look at things and don't try to find what is beind it. This is not good at all.
How come I visited for the fist time today even when I have been hearing about it for long time. Still I just visited the page looked around and closed it without thinking about what actually its all about.
Need to change a bit now..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Too many server errors

Although this blog is hosted on I also have many blogs/forums/other sites that are hosted on my VPS at servint. From yesterday evening I am getting too many errors from the server and I had 3 downtimes since then. May be I have done something stupid or the server is being bombarded from some hackers.
Few of my blogs got hacked about an year ago and since that time my blogs are constant target. This may be another attack on my server.
Servint has been really good at helping me out of the downtimes and now they are checking what is the actual cause of my servers being behaving like this.
Lets hope there is nothing serious.

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Recommending Books

If you follow my blog you must have noticed that I have started to recommend books. Actually being in medical profession I have acquired this amazing diet for reading books and I have a huge library of books. I look for books and buy them regularly.
Previously I use to search books at local book stores but the problem was not every books that I wanted to read are available there so later I started buying books online. My favorite place to buy books online is Flipkart because they are best online book seller in India. They have huge collection of books and they deliver them withing 3 days if they have the book in stock.
If I don't find any book on flipkart then I look at amazon. The links I give on this blog are all for amazon book store as many of my readers are not from India.
Blogger has made it really easy to find books available at amazon with amazon integration with blog editor. If I know about any good book on the topic I am writing about then I quickly search it and include a link to the book.
Feel free to buy some book or gift them to your loved ones if you like my choices.
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Revamping the Blog design

When I started blogging on this blog I decided I will keep the design of this blog as simple as I can keeping it interesting. I used a simple design and kept on blogging. Recently blogger launched their layout designer and I thought why not to make my own design taking the benefit of this fine and nice looking blog designer. I tried to keep the design simple but when I started using it the layout designer offered some great background images and I chose one of them test. When I applied it I thought it looked nice so I am keeping the blog background image.
I like large fonts for the ease of reading and also small width so the readers dont have to turn their neck to cover whole of the article width.
I also added some widgets: 
1. Profile widgets: Big bloggers say that bloggers should have profile page on their blog so the interested readers can know whom they are reading. I placed it.
2. Subscription options: I don't know whether people like to read my blog regularly or not but to follow the good blogging practices I made it easy to subscribe to my blog. Now you can subscribe to this blog via email or into any feed reader with few click on buttons.
3. Blogger banner: I don't like the navbar blogger place on every blogger blog so I removed it and to give blogger credit I placed a blogger banner in the sidebar.
Rest I have tried to keep it simple.
Any thoughts? Write a comment below..
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

starting to post

In my last post i wrote about what i am not doing but in this post i am telling what i am going to do.

From now on i will take more targeted actions that can show results.

First thing that i am going to do is to start posting whether on my blog or on my forum.

Ok done..