Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lesson learned about facebook pages

In my previous post I wrote about the flamers on my Facebook page. These flamers consistently commented on some posts. When I was looking at the insight data about my page I found that the post that was getting the flamers comment got high impressions in comparison to other posts.
I learned from this that Facebook consider posts that are getting comments as better to be shown in the homepage. I am now asking for more comments and the page is growing faster.

Tackling with Flamers

I have been do this internet marketing for some years now and I have to face some haters ans flamers.
When I built my first website that was an revenue sharing blogging system I had an user that claimed that I am doing fraud with the users. I tackled him really well and later that user appreciated my patience.
For last few days I am again facing some haters that are consistently commenting on my facebook page about removing some posts published there. I again tackled them well and they are silent for now.

Trying out various things

I am again trying out various things but this time I am considering doing things that will help me in long time.
I previously told you about the Facebook page I built.  That page was a regional page and will not help me much commercially. I am making some new pages and testing them. May be I will be able to make some pages that are popular is north american countries, UK and Australia.
I am also considering some twitter profiles that can spread as wildfire.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

People What are you doing here?

I was looking at the stats for this blog and it was looking like thisstat

I am surprised.

People what are you reading here. I don’t think I have written much of your interest here.

My Sandbox? Huh!!

Recently I inserted “My Sandbox” as this blog’s description. You can see it in the blog’s header just below the name of the blog.

One of my friend asked what is this.

Sandbox is a sand filled space where kids play and sand make it sure that no one get hurt.

I use this blog as my Sand box. I have no expectations from it expect it keep my thoughts and other shit. Even if no one likes it or reads it I don’t care or may be some day someone starts flaming here then I can say “keep your ass clean”.  I am never going to get hurt here.

Rajnikanth Jokes. Awesome!

I mentioned in a previous post about the facebook fan page I built called “Rajnikanth Jokes”.

The news it the page crossed 2000 fans in few days and is now growing even more faster.

Managing time

When you are doing more than one thing at a time there are far more chances of getting nothing done.

I took a resolution a day before yesterday of writing 3 blog posts a day on this blog and next day there was no post.

No excuses, I am going to post all the blog posts and will be on time for next posts.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I read on some blog that how he finds time to write 3 blog posts every day. I myself is taking this resolution today that I will write 3 blog posts daily here even if I can only write 2 lines in it.

Lesson Learnt

  • Try to do things that matters and not the ones that are already working fine.
  • If you want to make something commercially successful then make it different and better than everything else comparable in the market.
  • Make things that works then make them better and work on them until they become awesome.
  • Build your image along side with the product you are developing.
  • Don’t try to make money with everything you do.
  • Make people enjoy and they will give your valuable stuff in return including money.
  • Use every bit of talent you have in you in impressing others.
  • Don’t talk when you have finished what you have to say.

Changed Blog Design. Again!!!

I altered the blog design again.

Actually I am fed up of this likeness of mine of tweaking the things again and again that are working fine.

I should try to concentrate on the things that are needed to be done first.

Just do it

In last one year I have learned this thing multiple time from multiple people that one should do things without thinking that whether he can do it well or not.

This is to be absolutely followed when the thing you are doing can be corrected later.

Example: writing blog posts :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why I Write Here

Because no one reads here, it perform like an experiment and also I can show my heart out. Gives me freedom to write wrong without caring for others and ruining it all.

Short Posts

I am thinking why not to short posts when I am on mobile. Later I can elaborate. These short posts are like tweets.

Planning for Future

Most of the time I do thinking. Bad habit! I know, but it need to be done.

Today I thought where I would like to see myself in the future. If I want to opt online money making as my fulltime job then seriously thinking about it is most important thing to do.

I think making money through one successful site or two or by promoting other’s product is good but it will not get what a man should have.

I really need to promote myself as some authority or better as some sort of celebrity.

Yes I can do this as I have realised people really admire me when they come to know what I am capable of doing.

Second thing to support this thought is that I have seen most of the affiliate marketer make millions of dollar per month but they later make their own blog and start promoting themselves. That is because people who are well known have this advantage of selling more. This is because people trust more whom they know more.

If I don’t start promoting myself then I will have to do it later and wasting that mush of time will not be good.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ideas for Present

I have been working to find out ideas that can make me some money and I know that this festive season is the one where most of the online marketer make the most money in whole year. I thought and realized that making a site or blog that concentrates on this festive season can make me some money too.
Like most of the online marketer I don't have a lot of money to promote my site but still I can make a few bucks doing it. So I quickly registered a domain and put together a quick blog and started posting some nice ideas for gifts for loved ones.
I am taking this site much seriously here because we all know people search for ideas for gift whole year as birthdays, anniversaries, comes all the year and also we have other occasions where we want to buy gifts and needs gift ideas. Having some high hopes from this site.
Here lets see how much I make with this site this season (if any) I will post my earnings from this site on 5th January as new year present will be sent by then.

And yes I made this blog on WordPress but I also gave a shot to blogger as blogger has a nice Amazon linker in the editor. I quickly abandoned the idea though because it may turn out to be hindrance if I want to add some cool features to it in the future. If you like to check out that blogger blog too that go to

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weed control

Usually I work on more than one project at one time and now it has started to effect my productivity and more importantly my progress and growth just like the weeds in garden.

I am trying to prioritise the tasks that need to be done. The most important and the basic one to be done first is to start writing content and promoting it.

And yes I need to do few things:

Get rid of shyness in self promotion.

Get rid of fear of failure.

Search my own voice.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cat caught the tongue

Sorry for the title. I am not going to write about anything related to cat or the saying. I just wanted to get out of the resting stage so I wrote the title.

I am a kind of person who don't like to talk or write too much. What I do like is to learn more and more about anything and everything.
I decided to write a Facebook application and I started to learn it 
later I made a Facebook community page made it a nice one to show off with some 800+ likes in one week.
One day it came into my mind to make a android application using Google app inventor. I managed to cook out a nice one but now I am not sure whether to promote it or keep going on. 
I just want to learn everything but I need to stick to one thing and learn it better than the most out there.