Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learnig SEO

I am reading this book called SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible by Jerry L. Ledford.
Actually I read regularly. At first I enjoyed fiction and self motivation books but later I found I was wasting time reading fiction nad I switched to reading books that improves my knowledge level and also comes handy in my day to day job.
The first book I purchased about building website was Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML. Before that I tried a lot of books and online tutorial to learn HTML and CSS but none of them got successful in keeping me interested in the learning process. This book kept me busy and interested and I read whole of the book in 3 sittings. Later I thought of learning some server side scripting and I again tried a lot of eBooks and online tutorials. They all failed again. Then I realized I can not learn a lot from eBooks.
As I am a doctor I have spent my whole life in paper books and now eBooks doesn't create same experience. Later I purchase Head First PHP & MySQL to learn PHP. This was also my first physical good I purchased online. I haven't finished that book but whenever I get time I read a few pages. This is again a good book by Head first lab. Actually I am a big fan of head first lab since I read their book about HTML and I strictly suggest if you are a newbie to learn anything you should always buy a book from head first to start with.
Lets see how much I learn from The SEO Bible.

Monday, June 14, 2010 Affiliate

Yesterday I signed up for CPAlead affiliate network and got accepted now it look like I am going to make some money as this network looks to complement my sites.

I signed up for few more networks but CPAlead seems to be better one.

If you are lazy type like me is writing the web address, here is the link to

Actaully I changed all the CPAlead words to link here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Promoting Affiliate products

I have been thinking about doing this for a while but never actually started doing it. I am about to start promoting affiliate offers on my forums. I own a forum with decent amount of traffic. Until now I was trying to monetize it with adsense ads. I optimized the ads to extreme but now its clear that adsense ads are not at all the right choice to monetize a forum.

Lets hope affiliate offers can do the trick for me or I will have to start promoting my own websites on forum so other sites can make some money.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why not on my personal blog?

Recently this thought is repeatedly coming to me that if I do just mind rambling on this blog then why don’t I do this on That is my original personal blog and that is where I should do all the mind rambling I have to do.

When I started this blog I was far more shy than what I am today. I started blogging here so people can’t relate me with these thought as I used to find them “not so smart”. But now I think there is nothing like being smart or not smart means. What really meant is whether you do things or not. Most of the bloggers and internet marketer are far behind me in doing things correctly. I have far more followers, far more subscribers to my blog than the people who think they are smart and they do “fine blogging”.

Let me observer a bit more. If I can figure out a valid reason to stay here then I will keep on blogging here or I will import all these post to and shut down this blog.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Going to Start Anatomy Coaching

I work as lecturer in anatomy department but none other than me knows how less I know about human anatomy. But somehow my students find my teaching better than the most renowned anatomy teachers of bhopal or rather say India. I learnt anatomy from Dr. C P Sharma Sir who is also mentioned in the Acknowledgement of Textbook of Anatomy by Dr. B D Chaurasia. I am working under Sharma Sir here but my students want me to teach anatomy.

Bad choice students!!

But what can I do I want to learn “how to teach” and you are giving me that opportunity.

Thanks to you for that.

Started writing on new blogs.

In my previous post I listed all my domains. I feel that I will have to let few of these domains to expire and other will find their use.

I started writing on and also built Writing on diseases of skin will need a little study so it can wait until I pour out the things I know well in other blogs. I guess these two domains can turn out to be the biggest earners for me in the coming time. Lets see how it turns out to be.