Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Its all about connecting and helping

I was thinking about why some people make more money with very few customers while other make very little with many.

It all comes down to making good connections with people and helping them what they want to achieve. If you can take them with their hand and get them where they want to be then they will pay you whatever you want.

Want an example?

Look at google. What are they actually doing for all these years. They are connecting people to what they are searching for. They are helping them and in return people are going back to them again and again. Right!

Whenever someone need to do something new they are totally. In early days when there was no internet they use to go to person who can connect them to the right guy. Now this is done by internet.

Whenever someone need something they switch-on their computer or pull out their smartphone/ipad/tablet go to their favourite search engine and try to find out the right place or person. If they already know someone who can help them then they don’t go to search engine, rather they go to that person and ask for help. Now that person has this opportunity to make money by helping. He can either directly charge for helping or give that person a affiliate link through which he can earn commission. You can be this middle man.

Need to think about making more connections and helping even more.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Procrastination: My Biggest Enemy

I think of doing things that are wonderful. I make the whole plan and when it comes to do those I procrastinate. I think I will do this at that time or later and the things get stuck. When I think about them again they doesn’t feel so much exciting. That result in things never get done.

I know its bad, very bad.

I need to get out of this habit and only way I can handle this is by starting at the moment I think something needs to be done.

Today I did one. I thought of writing a post on rajeevverma.com and a post is live there Smile

Feels good.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Going back to basics

I like to learn but making money is as important as well. I have been learning for long time and I do believe I can learn a lot more but one thing to remind myself I need to make money with what I have learnt. If I fail to do that then their is no use of what I have learnt. I know a lot of people who were genius who learnt more than what average people can think of but they never made a mark because they never tried to use what they learnt. They are considered failures and no one remembers them. I don't want to live or die like that.I need to put it work.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Free is Good

Success of any business depends upon the ability of that business to give away free stuff. Business needs to make their value in front of customer before they can sell anything to its customers.
Think about it, how many times you have purchased anything from a company you know nothing about. Those who succeeded in selling to you either they tried to make themselves familiar by advertising or they have tried to  lure you with free stuff. Soap free with shampoo, shampoo free with lotion or something like that.
Free is actually premium. You give them free stuff and you buy trust. And later whenever you want to sell them something they will buy.

Developing for Android Tablet

I wrote about learning to build android applications and as I now own an android tablet I have started to learn about optimizing the application for tablet as well.
I think the basic idea is same for the apps but the interface which we design for phones doesn't look good on tablet at all. I ran a few apps on my HTC Flyer tablet which have interfaces built only for phones and I must say it sucks. Everyone with an application on android market should get an interface update for tablets as the tablet market share is increasing and you may loose a large percentage of user by not having a properly optimized tablet interface.
Designing interfaces for tablet is much more interesting than designing for phones as you have more space to use and you get freedom to place components your own way.
Will keep you updated about my progress.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 2 with HTC flyer

I recently purchased HTC flyer and got it delivered yesterday. I had this concern about the battery life of the tablet but I think it has worked great for the day. I used it for around 7 hours with WiFi on, surfing the web, video playing, paying games but the battery worked well.  The indicators show that most of the power is consumed by display and little bit each by other services like WiFi, sound etc. I like to keep my brightness settings to lowest and this tablet still shows bright dispay. I will try to find a solution to lower the brightness even further.
It is said that battery needs to be charged and discharged fully before it gains its full potential. I will keep you updated about this (actually I want to keep record for myself and you don't need to read it.
And with this post I kept my resolution for 4th day. See you tommorrow.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Got new HTC flyer tablet from ngpay

Today I almost forgot about posting on the blog. I got my new HTC flyer tablet which I ordered using ngpay a few days back. I didn't liked the experience buying with ngpay and will write about it in detail soon. At least I got this tab finally.

I started playing with it as soon as i got it and installed the regularly used software on the device. I have been using android for more than a year now so I know what i needed. Installing the software and setting up the device took all my attention and I about and about forgot about the resolution I took 2 days back.

This post can be considered a placeholder and i will come back to it and improve it later (or may be not).

So see ya tomorrow..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why iPhone Developers Earn more than Android Developers

This debate is going on for long time why developers prefers to make apps and games for iPhone and iPad rather than android. Reason is simple “earning potential”.
There is a recent statement by Flurry that android developers make around 24% as much as what they make when they develop same app or game for iPhone.
Now the question is why is that.
What I believe is that people who buy android devices are mostly are those who wanted to buy an iPhone/iPad but they were not able to because of the price. If they are short of money then how do you think they are going to buy any costly app or games.
On the other hand iPhone owners have sufficient funds to buy an iPhone or iPad and then stuff it with premium apps and games.
If you think differently please leave a comment.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Resolution: 30 Day Regular Posting

I have been an off and on poster to this blog and might have posted about this previously (honestly I don’t know). There is no other reason for this other then laziness.
Laziness is dear to me and I can not leave it altogether at once so I am taking a small step today and taking this resolution of posting at least single blog post everyday for next 30 days.
I might start enjoying posting regularly in this time period or may get bored but I am definitely going to continue for 30 days and later I will try to extend this period and who knows I may convert this into a habit.
Lets See… Smile