Sunday, December 6, 2009

Again a Break from writing

Again I took this long break from writing anything on any of my blogs. This is really bad and annoying for me. I don't know what happens. I just don't feel like writing anything in these long periods. I know this really hurts my online business.

If I took a day off then I don't feel like writing next day and day after that it becomes even more difficult to write anything. If I start writing without any thinking then its far more easy to write.

I am going to have my All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination( PGMEE ) on 10th of January and this will become a nice excuse for not writing anything for few days now. But I will try not to do this again. I will write whatever comes in my mind next few days even if its the things I have learnt from my medical books. So bear with me.

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