Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheap Nokia Lumia 800

Ever since android released I have been a fan of it and purchased Samsung galaxy android phone at the time when none on my friends have even heard of the name of it.
Before android I had Nokia n72 Symbian phone. Knowing my techy nature my friends always asked which phone will I buy next and I used to say, "a windows phone" (those primitive ones). Later android became my first choice as it was a better choice, obviously.
When Microsoft launched windows 7 mobile OS it failed to lure me. But since Nokia launched windows phone I have been eyeing Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone because I have been a fan of Nokia's hardware capabilities. It used to cost close to Rs. 30K and I believe that phone is not worth it. I kept an eye on the phone's price on flipkart and today when I looked at the price it has came down to Rs. 23,590. I think the price is better now if anyone think of buying this phone.
I have recently purchase HTC Flyer tablet so will wait for sometime before buying another gadget.
But if you are thinking of buying this phone then this is the time. Flipkart link is here:
Nokia Lumia 800

Update: It looks like price is fluctuating. Flipkart has updated price to Rs 24,000 today.

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