Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How this work

I have been doing all of this online stuff alone for many years now and have realized that if you do things alone it becomes quite difficult to keep yourself motivated for long.

All the big wig entrepreneurs preach this very basic principle of getting started with any start-up:

Never start alone.

I followed this advice this time and started a basic online tutorial blog on wordpress with my friend Dev.

We purchased our first domains together about 6 years ago and started blogging. Learnt together but never actually did any project together.

We got separated in between. I shifted to different town, he got new job and we gone on with our lives separately.

Now after all those years we again thought of sharing our knowledge and this time we thought of doing some project together.

So, we created this blog I purchased this domain a month ago when there was no plans that I am going to do this with Dev but when the idea came of doing something together we started on this domain.

We started on 15th august and till today we have written 16 blog posts.

I hope we will continue to work along and get successful in this endeavour.

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