Sunday, April 24, 2016

Discourse or nodeBB

Serious confusion.
Can't decide between discourse and nodebb. Discourse is perfect, other then its looks and more importantly its initial load size. Whereas nodeBB is around half in size for initial load but its buggy with many things like mod_pagespeed, Cloudflare etc. All this good in discourse but initial load size is big turnoff for me.
I really liked flarum but don't know when will it come out of beta. I am OK with beta if its working decently but developer themselves are advising strongly against using it in production. So its gone.
While evaluating I am not counting the server requirements here. Nodebb works on far lesser resources than discourse, which won't even start on Server below 1GB RAM and recommended is 2GB RAM. They say even with lesser resources nodeBB can serve far more users than discourse.
After the initial load nodebb and discourse are almost on same speed. May be nodebb is a bit snappier.
What I notice is that while nodebb Developers have focused on all the fancy stuff like chat system, theming, UI etc discourse developers have focused on doing basic forum stuff nicely. Discourse looks very well built and everything goes very smoothly. You get lots of finely thought out functions in discourse whereas in nodebb you get those old controls that we are seeing since vBulletin but mixed with fancy stuff.
With what i have written above you can guess i am inclined toward discourse a little bit. But the main problem is i am planning to build an Android forum and i suspect initial load size of discourse is going to cause some troubles on the mobile devices specially the cheaper ones with less RAM. Even one of the lead  developer of discourse says JavaScript performance on Android device is a serious problem and you are bound to lose visitors who visit your site from Android devices. And here i am planning to build a forum for Android users.
Gotta think more and decide.

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