Saturday, March 18, 2017


Most of my life I have been apolitical. I never found politics any enjoyable but in recent years because of all the political discourse on social media I gained interest in it.
I went inactive on Facebook few months before 2014 general elections because my known people started posting lots of fake/propaganda statuses on Facebook and I found it annoying. I left Facebook because if I told them the truth many people will take it as personal insult and if they don’t get offended the discussion will waste a lot of my time. Staying silent was not peaceful for me.
The party who was doing most propaganda actually won in that election.
I thought the propaganda will stop after the elections are over and I will return to the old merry Facebook again. Rather the propaganda became more and more aggressive and that is still going on. This made me sad.
I got more active on twitter as not many of my friends are active there thus less chances of loosing friends there.
Doing so I gained some knowledge about politics and I am finding it rather amusing now. Yes sometime annoying too. So decided to write about my political thoughts so I can get some clarity of mind. This is important because politics is so confusing that you don’t realize when you becomes a hypocrite.
If you support a party you start supporting it no matter what. The party or its leader may be doing wrong but as you are their supporter you find a reason to support them while opposite goes with the other parties.
This time around I am choosing a topic that is in news currently and I think is going to explode in coming elections. I am learning about it and making a blog on it.

Lets see how it goes.

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