Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why not on my personal blog?

Recently this thought is repeatedly coming to me that if I do just mind rambling on this blog then why don’t I do this on That is my original personal blog and that is where I should do all the mind rambling I have to do.

When I started this blog I was far more shy than what I am today. I started blogging here so people can’t relate me with these thought as I used to find them “not so smart”. But now I think there is nothing like being smart or not smart means. What really meant is whether you do things or not. Most of the bloggers and internet marketer are far behind me in doing things correctly. I have far more followers, far more subscribers to my blog than the people who think they are smart and they do “fine blogging”.

Let me observer a bit more. If I can figure out a valid reason to stay here then I will keep on blogging here or I will import all these post to and shut down this blog.

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