Saturday, June 19, 2010

Learnig SEO

I am reading this book called SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible by Jerry L. Ledford.
Actually I read regularly. At first I enjoyed fiction and self motivation books but later I found I was wasting time reading fiction nad I switched to reading books that improves my knowledge level and also comes handy in my day to day job.
The first book I purchased about building website was Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML. Before that I tried a lot of books and online tutorial to learn HTML and CSS but none of them got successful in keeping me interested in the learning process. This book kept me busy and interested and I read whole of the book in 3 sittings. Later I thought of learning some server side scripting and I again tried a lot of eBooks and online tutorials. They all failed again. Then I realized I can not learn a lot from eBooks.
As I am a doctor I have spent my whole life in paper books and now eBooks doesn't create same experience. Later I purchase Head First PHP & MySQL to learn PHP. This was also my first physical good I purchased online. I haven't finished that book but whenever I get time I read a few pages. This is again a good book by Head first lab. Actually I am a big fan of head first lab since I read their book about HTML and I strictly suggest if you are a newbie to learn anything you should always buy a book from head first to start with.
Lets see how much I learn from The SEO Bible.

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