Friday, November 19, 2010

Ideas for Present

I have been working to find out ideas that can make me some money and I know that this festive season is the one where most of the online marketer make the most money in whole year. I thought and realized that making a site or blog that concentrates on this festive season can make me some money too.
Like most of the online marketer I don't have a lot of money to promote my site but still I can make a few bucks doing it. So I quickly registered a domain and put together a quick blog and started posting some nice ideas for gifts for loved ones.
I am taking this site much seriously here because we all know people search for ideas for gift whole year as birthdays, anniversaries, comes all the year and also we have other occasions where we want to buy gifts and needs gift ideas. Having some high hopes from this site.
Here lets see how much I make with this site this season (if any) I will post my earnings from this site on 5th January as new year present will be sent by then.

And yes I made this blog on WordPress but I also gave a shot to blogger as blogger has a nice Amazon linker in the editor. I quickly abandoned the idea though because it may turn out to be hindrance if I want to add some cool features to it in the future. If you like to check out that blogger blog too that go to

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