Sunday, November 21, 2010

Planning for Future

Most of the time I do thinking. Bad habit! I know, but it need to be done.

Today I thought where I would like to see myself in the future. If I want to opt online money making as my fulltime job then seriously thinking about it is most important thing to do.

I think making money through one successful site or two or by promoting other’s product is good but it will not get what a man should have.

I really need to promote myself as some authority or better as some sort of celebrity.

Yes I can do this as I have realised people really admire me when they come to know what I am capable of doing.

Second thing to support this thought is that I have seen most of the affiliate marketer make millions of dollar per month but they later make their own blog and start promoting themselves. That is because people who are well known have this advantage of selling more. This is because people trust more whom they know more.

If I don’t start promoting myself then I will have to do it later and wasting that mush of time will not be good.

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