Thursday, January 26, 2012

Buy Harry Potter Books in India

Like me if you are big fan of Harry Potter series then you can buy these books in India from flipkart.
I remember I read all the 7 volumes of Harry Potter on my mobile phone. I somehow got hold of these books on internet and converted them into prc format and read first 6 books on my Nokia Ngage QD mobile phone with the help of mobipocket reader. Last book I read on my Nokia N72 mobile phone with same setup. Screens on those phones were really small, especially when I compare them with my HTC flyer tablet screen. Reading on tablet is really a bliss now.
Lets get back to the Harry Potter book stuff. I have read all the books but still I ordered them from Flipkart to keep them in my collection. I don't know whether I will ever read them again or not but still I want to keep them.
I strongly recommend buying these books as they are going to remind you of these magical days in upcoming boring future. Have a look at the link below.
And here is the Amazon link if you are not from IndiaHarry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

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