Friday, January 27, 2012

Get free Domain

I wrote about this previously about me not sticking to one thing and jumping around at lots of stuff. Regardless of how much I try I am not able to control this habit. Hopefully I may stick to something someday.
For now I have decided I will not try too much to stop myself , rather I will try to stick to few thing for a limited time of the day and do my jumping stuff ;) as usual for the rest.
I have decided to stick with 2 projects at the moment. First is Get free Domain and second is Coupon India. I think these 2 projects have lot more potential then the other projects.
With Get free Domain I am trying to help fellow webmasters and bloggers who are trying to make their mark in this online world but are bit tight at budget.
I have gone through same situation where I was not able to buy a domain name and premium web hosting and tried to make few website with some free web hosting and sub domains provided by them. I worked hard on those websites and it all wasted because people do not consider website on sub domains reliable. So I had to shut them down.
I wan't to help people with same situation in getting premium top level domains like .com , .net , .org for free. Now actually free but they won't have to spend money from their own pocket to get these domains.
My second project Coupon India says all in its name. This website is about sharing discount, promo, coupon codes for all the major online stores in India.
I hope both of these project will grow with time.

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