Friday, October 11, 2013


The legendary cricket batsman Sachin Tendulkar  declared his retirement day yesterday. His 200th test is going to be the last cricket match of his career.
Everyone can learn a lot from him. One important advice he has for all the youngster is “Focus”.
Focus you energy to achieve one thing and do not get distracted by every other thing that attracts.
I always have this problem with me. I keep on jumping form one thing to other not focusing on any one thing. I have written about this here many times.
Let me remind myself what I have done
  • Built blogs with thousands of visitors per month
  • Built Coupon India
  • Built a forum with 60,000+ members and deleted it.
  • Developed android apps with few thousand downloads.
  • Learnt HTML, CSS, PHP-MySQL, JAVA(workable)
  • Done MBBS and became doctor
  • Worked as Lecturer  and taught Human anatomy then left medical field.
  • Danced decently and won prizes at various level.
  • Learnt some electronic stuff. Currently assembling a Hackintosh (Running Mac OS on non apple computer) .
  • Learnt to Draw sketches (and attaracted a lots of girls ;) )
  • Lots of other things.
Doing all this took away a big amount of time out of my life. I am not saying that I wasted all that time, I enjoyed every bit of it (except the MBBS stuff, that was boring like hell). The problem is bottom line where I have not reached any place that can make me feel satisfied or at least proud.
Now look at Sachin he is 40 year old and what he did is to play cricket since he was eleven and he made every Indian proud.
That is what focus do!!
I seriously need to figure out where to focus.

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