Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why I write here?

Few of my friends asked me why I write on this blog when I have my personal blog at
Why? Actually this blog is place to give my thoughts a word and not about blogging only. I think a lot ( like most) but thoughts are lost quickly in same way as we lose rain water if we don't try to contain it. Lost thoughts are lost and do nothing good at all for me or anyone else. I contain my thoughts here as may be some day they may present me as an scaffolding to make something on them (or may be not).
This blog gives me an opportunity to show my heart out as I don't have to think about anyone here as it is only my rough blog to everyone. I find myself more comfortable writing here then at a place where everyone expects me to write some great posts. I can write here whatever I want (even I post when I don't have anything to say). I can not do all these things on the blog where people have all the expectations.
This blog provides me a space to practice blogging and writing as much as I like. There are only few posts I have written here but I am already feeling some improvement. This is going to definitely help me in blogging on my other blogs including my personal blog (actually this blog has gone more personal now).
And lastly this blog gives me lots of confidence for some mysterious reasons. I don't know why but it do
And lastly lastly even if is not helping in anyway it is still showing some adsense ads. May be I will make some dollars at least.

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