Sunday, September 20, 2009

A little bit of research

Most of the time when we have to do something we just do it in hurry without doing any research. We do this specially when we do something online.

In my previous post I wrote about purchasing a domain name . I also tried to do it in hurry by going to or and register the domain. I entered the and searched for domain, clicked .net domain and proceeded to checkout. It was showing 8.99$ for that domain for 1 year. When I was just about to do the checkout I saw the promo code box. I searched on the google for promo code for but didn't found anything meaningful. After trying for some other variation for searching for a promo code I searched for .net domain sale. I found this other site that is selling .net domain for 6.49$ (+18 cent icann fees). I registered the domain for 2 years for only 13.34$ . For only 4.35 $ extra I got the domain for another 1 year.

Now I am doing some research for some good web hosting so I can handle properly my ever increasing list of domain names. Any suggestions?

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