Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blogger blogs

I made my first blog on blogger platform around 3 years ago and then I heard of huge popularity of wordpress platform then I made a blog on Later I switched to self hosted wordpress blogs. My personal blog and other money making blogs are using wordpress as blogging platform but for this blog I chose blogger (BlogSpot) as my blogging platform because I wanted to add quick posts to this blog from wherever I can using blog editing interface or email updates ( that's not good in wordpress) or by using livewriter or other blog editing applications ( I am using windows live writer to to write this blog post). After using blogger platform for this short duration I actually started loving it.

Wordpress has a huge advantage over blogger as it has huge number of plugins available and big number of cool looking themes with so many cool functions but if you want some easy to use and fast updating platform I will always suggest using blogger. Now blogger also have lots of templates available to make your blog look good and widget support is increasing day by day. There is no need to go for a hosting plan, setting up a wordpress blog, setting up a theme, adding plugins and doing some hacking to make it personalised and work for you properly. Rather make a blogger blog, choose one of the default template( they are also good looking and not like wordpress bland looking default template) or

upload a custom template and enjoy quick blogging.

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