Sunday, August 22, 2010

Revamping the Blog design

When I started blogging on this blog I decided I will keep the design of this blog as simple as I can keeping it interesting. I used a simple design and kept on blogging. Recently blogger launched their layout designer and I thought why not to make my own design taking the benefit of this fine and nice looking blog designer. I tried to keep the design simple but when I started using it the layout designer offered some great background images and I chose one of them test. When I applied it I thought it looked nice so I am keeping the blog background image.
I like large fonts for the ease of reading and also small width so the readers dont have to turn their neck to cover whole of the article width.
I also added some widgets: 
1. Profile widgets: Big bloggers say that bloggers should have profile page on their blog so the interested readers can know whom they are reading. I placed it.
2. Subscription options: I don't know whether people like to read my blog regularly or not but to follow the good blogging practices I made it easy to subscribe to my blog. Now you can subscribe to this blog via email or into any feed reader with few click on buttons.
3. Blogger banner: I don't like the navbar blogger place on every blogger blog so I removed it and to give blogger credit I placed a blogger banner in the sidebar.
Rest I have tried to keep it simple.
Any thoughts? Write a comment below..
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