Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recommending Books

If you follow my blog you must have noticed that I have started to recommend books. Actually being in medical profession I have acquired this amazing diet for reading books and I have a huge library of books. I look for books and buy them regularly.
Previously I use to search books at local book stores but the problem was not every books that I wanted to read are available there so later I started buying books online. My favorite place to buy books online is Flipkart because they are best online book seller in India. They have huge collection of books and they deliver them withing 3 days if they have the book in stock.
If I don't find any book on flipkart then I look at amazon. The links I give on this blog are all for amazon book store as many of my readers are not from India.
Blogger has made it really easy to find books available at amazon with amazon integration with blog editor. If I know about any good book on the topic I am writing about then I quickly search it and include a link to the book.
Feel free to buy some book or gift them to your loved ones if you like my choices.
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