Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Favourite Android Games

In my previous post I told you about my Android Powered Samsung Galaxy Phone. Best part about having a Android phone is that you can have those really awesome and free games with only few clicks of buttons (oops... sorry. Few taps on screen).
Here are few of my favorite Android games.

1. Drop:  This is my favorite game at the moment.

2. Word up: If you like to find hidden word type puzzle this game is for you

3. Jwellust:

4. Papijump: 

5. Poke a Mole:

6. Paper Toss:

7. Robo Defence Free:

8. Labyrinth:

9. Wordsearch:

10. Basketball Shot:

11. Frozen Bubble:

12. Penguin: This is really a fun game. Try it.

14. Shoot U!

15. Blow Up:

There are lots of other game that I like but don't play because those game sucks a lot of time but you may want to check them out.
1. iMobster
2. World war
3. Papaya farm
4. Farm Frenzy
4. Replica Island
5.Twilight Eclipse Trivia

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