Friday, August 27, 2010

Information Products or Network Marketing

I have been reading through all the ebooks and articles I have collected over time about making money online. After reading a lots and lots of things I liked two things out of many to start with:
1. Information products
2. Network marketing

I will describe them below but let me finish with all what is in mind at the moment. If you want to read details first then skip over and come back here after finishing it.

Being a Medical student I have acquired a great appetite for reading and writing Information products can be better for me rather than MLM thing. I am not a very friendly guy so networking will not work for me much.
Information products will require me to read and read and read then compile and compile and compile it all together. That may sound frightening to others but its not. Actually what comes in return of it will make up for all the work done.
Network marketing requires to bend too much. Asking someone again and again where they are not at all interested is not much fun. And where you are not enjoying the return will not make up for the lost time.

Ok let me explain both now
1. Information products: As the name suggests these are products that contain information in them. Most of the information is free online but information that is compiled and presented in nice and easily understandable way is difficult to find. If you can compile that information, make it feel good to eyes and easily digestible by brain than this information is going to be in demand and whats in demand can be sold.

2. Network marketing: Network marketing is a bit complicated but most of you must be familiar with the name Amway. This is the best example of network marketing. You join a chain then you recruits someone to chain, you get paid, the person you recruited recruits someone else again you get paid. Got it!!

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