Thursday, September 23, 2010

Google AppInventor Invite

Yesterday I got the much awaited invitation from Google  to their appinventor.

Appinventor is an innovative technology created by google with which anyone with a little programming knowledge can build applications for android operating system with few clicks directly in internet browser.

A few days back I started to learn a little about android programming but later I came to know about this appinventor thing and I thought why to learn it all if google is going to make it easy for everyone to build applications. I applied for the invitation and kept on with other stuff and yesterday the invitation arrived.

As soon as I got the invitation I started to follow all the tutorials and I must say google has created a gem of a thing. You only have to bring together few pieces and you will be a creator of your own app.

Its a little bit difficult for me at some places as I am not at all pro in any programming language but as I don't have to write any code and just have to follow the logic I am doing great till now.

Lets see if I can make some useful app

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