Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 2 with HTC flyer

I recently purchased HTC flyer and got it delivered yesterday. I had this concern about the battery life of the tablet but I think it has worked great for the day. I used it for around 7 hours with WiFi on, surfing the web, video playing, paying games but the battery worked well.  The indicators show that most of the power is consumed by display and little bit each by other services like WiFi, sound etc. I like to keep my brightness settings to lowest and this tablet still shows bright dispay. I will try to find a solution to lower the brightness even further.
It is said that battery needs to be charged and discharged fully before it gains its full potential. I will keep you updated about this (actually I want to keep record for myself and you don't need to read it.
And with this post I kept my resolution for 4th day. See you tommorrow.

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