Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Its all about connecting and helping

I was thinking about why some people make more money with very few customers while other make very little with many.

It all comes down to making good connections with people and helping them what they want to achieve. If you can take them with their hand and get them where they want to be then they will pay you whatever you want.

Want an example?

Look at google. What are they actually doing for all these years. They are connecting people to what they are searching for. They are helping them and in return people are going back to them again and again. Right!

Whenever someone need to do something new they are totally. In early days when there was no internet they use to go to person who can connect them to the right guy. Now this is done by internet.

Whenever someone need something they switch-on their computer or pull out their smartphone/ipad/tablet go to their favourite search engine and try to find out the right place or person. If they already know someone who can help them then they don’t go to search engine, rather they go to that person and ask for help. Now that person has this opportunity to make money by helping. He can either directly charge for helping or give that person a affiliate link through which he can earn commission. You can be this middle man.

Need to think about making more connections and helping even more.

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