Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Again a big break 😞
Just not getting into the groove.
Good thing that happened in these days is that i continued with all the health stuff.
I managed to loose around 10 KG of weight. Bad thing that came with it is that all my recently purchased clothes are not fitting now😒(but i can now get into old clothes. yay!! 🙌).
Started sleeping early😴. Feeling more refreshed 🙆because of it. Could feel in the morning that i have slept enough which was not the case when i was working late and sleeping even more than what i am at present.
For last few days I switched off the computer to take a break from the work and now getting back into work mode again.
Shifted my desktop to another room to work without any disturbances.
Could write java and android much better now. Planning to launch few apps that does not take much time to build but will earn a penny or two everyday.
Last time i built the JSON api for my android apps on PHP and hosted it on appfog free service. Now as appfog has shut down this time I am planning to write the api in python and host it on google app engine.

Lets see how it goes.

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