Friday, January 22, 2016

Too little productivity

Most of the day passed in trying to solve the problem, about which i wrote yesterday, my Mac was facing since few days. It was not loading few website while other websites were loading fine. The problem was not with the network or the router as other devices connected to same WiFi were working fine and loading the same websites well that my Mac was refusing. Even the phone with which i am USB tethering Mac was loading the problem pages fine. So it was the system issue. I was most concerned of the chances that my Mac has caught some kind of virus that is doing all this. Although I have ESET smart security pro installed on the system, not all viruses get caught in the filters.
I tried changing the DNS to all the possible values but to no avail. The problem persisted. I cleared the DNS cache many times but nothing changed. So i searched and found posts with similar problems and the solutions suggested didn't worked for me. I did a lots of trial and error and finally downloaded and installed the newest security update for the operating system Mac OSX Yosemite. Don't know its because of it or because of any of the numerous tit bits i did before installing update my system started working fine and now all the pages are loading nicely.
Clearing of DNS was another issue in itself. Apple changed the commands few version back and then they again switched it back so which command will work and which not was to be found with trying all the commands.
Now what i did productively today is i finished the api then created new project in app engine, uploaded the api to app engine and imported the JSON into the datastore. I did not try to import comments today. Will try it out tomorrow.
While testing the api by updating URLs in my android app i noticed the textviews were jumping when ads were loading and that wasn't looking good so i spent some time in fixing that. Finally managed to get it to not jump.
Also i noticed that when i am pulling data from the datastore to build JSON i need to check that the data is fine before saving it to memcache. Its because if the data is not successfully queried then i will save the empty or wrong JSON in the memcache and all the subsequent request will be served with that wrong JSON. It will spoil the experience completely.
I also added the comment queries to the memcache. There also i need to keep check of the data.
Its 2 am already so

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