Sunday, January 24, 2016

Moved to Parse

Yesterday i mostly read few things. Also downloaded and installed the Mac updates. Was tired in the evening so slept early.
Yesterday while reading through Google app engine docs i came across this service called firebase. Its a service built in keeping in mind making it suitable for mobile backend. Looked promising to me and thought of using it rather than going to google app engine. On app engine i will have to write all the code both Android and python app engine app. Will also have to check all the caching and other optimizations. I already wrote earlier that i am no expert in either python or app engine so it will mean i will have to learn much.
While browsing through firebase docs and pricing model i remembered i tried using before i moved the PHP api to my VPS from appfog. I found it difficult at that time because i was not that fluent in java then. I am more familiar in it now so i compared the pricing model of parse, firebase and google app engine. I found using parse will be much economical and easier to me than using other two.
I am planning to serve images too along with text in my app and parse give more space and bandwidth in free tier than other two and also they have well cooked SDK that will fasten up my development speed. I will also won't have to write the cloud code on my own.
I had already imported the data when i earlier tried parse to i only had to write the android code using parse SDK today. I managed to write it very quickly and found a bug in the parse SDK. I found two workarounds and now my api is up and running on parse.
Will write a post about the bug and how i managed to workaround.
I must confess if i had little patience then when i tried parse earlier i won't have wasted so much time in writing app engine code and all. But then parse SDK has bug that made it impossible for me to make it work with my little knowledge.
Also, parse is not zippy as my app engine code is. But its workable and my development time is significantly reduced by using it.
Now i am reading parse docs so i won't get caught up this time in the bugs and other possible problems.

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