Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Software updates and api testing

Today went by updating softwares which i was delaying for some time.
My shitty internet connection was not allowing me to do the updating. Today i installed a download manager on my phone and downloaded all the updates while doing all other works. When i started my system i had all required softwares to start with updating.
I managed to build the api for my android apps using python and tested it with android emulator. Will try with live api tomorrow.
Tomorrow i will try to figure out how to import the data from MySQL database into app engine datastore. I thing i will be able to write a script that can pull the JSON from my old api and put the data in datastore.
If someone read my last post he will wonder why i am trying to move api from PHP to app engine. Its because i use a VPS from VPSdime to host my websites. Although it's powerful enough to withstand the api along with my websites, I still find it far less reliable to host api. Why i think it's OK to host website on that server and not api? Think it this way, if someone downloads my app and opens it for the first time and my server is slow or down at that moment the person will uninstall the app right away and my app will never going to find space in that phone again. Worst case scenario he will write a bad review and give 1 star. And that's not good. A website visitor may try again visiting the page later in time if it's down but app user has to download whole app to use it again. That is too much friction.
Also learnt how to show/hide hidden files and folders in Mac. In doing so i had my first introduction with bash scripting. Will write a post about it later.
See ya

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