Tuesday, January 19, 2016

App engine java python and more..

As i wrote in last post i am planning to use google app engine to host json api for my android apps so today time went into it.
I was using PHP to generate JSON from MySQL database. PHP makes it a breeze to generate JSON. Only few line of code and you are all set. App engine also support PHP but SQL is paid so i am not using it. Not because of the cost but if it can be done with app engine datastore using python or java then why not do it.
I am not fluent in either python or java but have workable knowledge and also know how to find the answers if stuck.
Today i managed to figure how to generate JSON from datastore using  python. Done it with help of django simplejson module.
Reading through the app engine docs i also found it interesting to build a backend using java. Android studio makes it real easy to go through the process but my internet speed killed all the fun. I could have built the whole api with java today but my system spent hours downloading the app engine java SDK and i think that too isn't perfectly working. I tested 2 modules one cloud endpoint and other java servlet. Endpoint one was not running perfectly. The time it took to download java SDK i managed to generate json using python.
Also my Mac(actually hackintosh) was refusing to load the page using "localhost:8080", which is default, as address. So i edited the host file and still nothing worked. When i changed the default port from 8080 to 8888 it started working.
Also genymotion refused to take "" as address to local api. I had to turn on the android emulator to get it working.
I hope tomorrow i will complete the api and also build the basic app to work with that api. Later i will polish the app.

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